Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice: Where To Find The Dragon Egg

by Vlad
February 21, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice is the first main quest you should focus on after completing Charles Rookwood’s Trial in the Harry-Potter-inspired action role-playing game developed by Avalanche Software because it allows you to progress your story as a fifth-year student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Fire And Vice main quest in Hogwarts Legacy revolves around Harlow’s Poachers, who manage to capture a Dragon.

Since Poppy Sweeting is very interested in the magical beast around Hogwarts, the Fire And Vice quest is fairly important for her, and by completing it, you’ll be able to trigger Poppy’s first Relationship Quest.

Alongside 260 XP for saving the Dragon in Fire And Vice, you’ll also unlock the Defender of Dragons Trophy/Achievement.

Although it’s a relatively short quest, throughout the following Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice walkthrough, we’ll discuss all objectives you must complete, and we’ll tell you how to save the Dragon captured by Poachers and where to find the Dragon Egg.

Where To Find Poppy Sweeting In Fire And Vice

As said, the Fire And Vice story quest becomes available after you complete the second trial for Charles Rookwood.

At the end of the trial, you’ll return to your House’s Common Room, unlocking the Fire And Vice main quest.

Your first objective is to find Poppy Sweeting, the female student you met during the Beasts Class.

Open your Field Guide Map, and navigate to the World Map. Now check the northernmost region known as North Ford Bog.

While tracking the Fire And Vice quest, you should be able to see Poppy’s icon southwest of Pitt-Upon-Ford Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice Walkthrough

This is the closest Floo Flame, and if you have already unlocked it, use it to fast-travel. Next, fly southwest toward Poppy’s location.

If you didn’t unlock the said Floo Flame, pick one close to your quest marker, then use your flying broom to get to Poppy.

You should be able to find her near a road leading up the mountain.

Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice Guide

When talking to Poppy, she’ll be quite pleased to find out that Highwing is safe after you saved it from the Poachers at the end of The High Keep quest.

During her investigations on the Poachers, Poppy found they have orders from Victor Rookwood to capture you. Poppy will also ask you if you have ever heard of Horntail Hall, which apparently is a source of gold for the Poachers. Obviously, you didn’t, but you are about to find it later.

When Poppy tells you never to tell her Gran about the current trip, answer however you want because the dialogue choice won’t affect the story or your relationship with Poppy.

For the first objective, you are asked to follow Poppy, so stay close to her and follow the path west up the mountain.

Eventually, you’ll encounter a Centaur who asks you to stop. Luckily, you’ll be able to convince him you’re not working with the Poachers, and he’ll let you pass.

Keep following the linear path ahead, and Poppy will lead you to a small Poachers’ Camp by the lake.

Where To Find The Signs Of Poachers

After reaching the camp, your detective skills will come into play, and you’ll be asked to search the area for signs of poachers.

There are four clues you’ll want to find and interact with in order to progress the current quest:

  • The first sign is a wooden crate by the camp’s entrance
  • The second clue is a pile of pelts near the campfire
  • The third sign of Poachers is the campfire in front of the tent
  • The last sign is the large collar behind the tent
Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice Poachers Signs Locations

Make sure you interact with all objects marked above, then loot the bag and the two chests in the tent before returning to Poppy.

After talking to Poppy and telling her the collar you found was made of goblin metal, head southeast and stay close to her while descending the hill.

On your way down, you’ll reach another Poachers’ Camp; you’ll need to clear by dealing with all enemies.

How you approach the camp depends on your playstyle, meaning you can use Disillusionment for a stealthy approach or exercise your casting skills in a direct fight.

Where To Find The Tent

After you deal with the Poachers, take your time exploring the area, gathering all the loot, then when you are ready to continue, approach the southern bridge you can repair by casting Reparo.

Behind the bridge pictured below is the tent you’ll have to enter.

Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice Tent Location

To cast Reparo, remember to equip the spell by pressing Right on your DPad.

When you enter the tent, you’ll discover what Horntail Hall is. Yes, it’s a dragon-fighting pit, so it’s time to help the poor beasts fighting to entertain Harlow’s Poachers.

How To Investigate Horntail Hall

The moment you enter Horntail Hall in Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice, deal with the Poacher standing in front of the door on the left side. You can get close to him without being seen and cast Petrificus Totalus.

Now move through the northern door, and follow the linear path to reach the lower floor.

Deal with the two Loyalist Warriors near the table and the Poacher Tracker before climbing the ladder on the southwestern side of the room.

Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice Horntail Hall

When you reach the upper level, loot the two bags, then talk to Poppy, and you’ll both agree that it’s time to save the Dragon.

Hogwarts Legacy Horntail Hall Dragon Egg Location

From your current location, head southwest and open the next door.

When you enter, cast Revelio (DPad Left), and on a table, you’ll see a cage with a Dragon Egg inside.

Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice Dragon Egg Location

Collect the Dragon Egg first by unlocking the cage with your Alohomora Spell, then carefully investigate the room collecting all the loot.

Now continue through the southeastern tunnel to enter the fighting pit. At this point, you should equip your most powerful combat spells and get ready to face a lot of enemies. Defeating them is mandatory for progressing the quest.

How To Free The Dragon

After all enemies have been dealt with, it’s time to set free the captive Dragon. Start by equipping the Accio Spell (press DPad Right).

Next, aim for the locker under the Dragon (pictured below), cast Accio, and pull it towards you.

Hogwarts Legacy Fire And Vice How To Free The Dragon

Great job! Now that you saved the captured Dragon and escaped with Poppy, you’ll discover that the beast you just rescued was a Hebridean Black.

You may remember its name from a discussion between Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Before completing the quest, you can ask Poppy what you should do with the Egg and whether she thinks the Poachers will come after you.

Poppy will tell you she’ll keep the Egg for now, and Harlow’s Poachers will definitely come after you.

As mentioned above, completing the Fire And Vice quest in Hogwarts Legacy unlocks multiple side quests, as well as Professor Weasley’s Assignment, which is the next quest you should focus on.

Poppy’s first Relationship Quest, A Dragon Debrief, Sebastian’s fourth Relationship Quest known as Shadow Of Time, and the PlayStation-exclusive side-quest Minding Your Own Business are also available now.

All of them have been covered as part of our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki, so check them out.

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