Hogwarts Legacy The Room Of Requirement: How To Get All Treasure Chests

by Vlad
February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Room Of Requirement is one of the most important main quests in the video game published by Warner Bros. Games because it allows you to unlock multiple features that can be used as you progress through the story as a fifth-year Hogwarts student.

The Room Of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy also requires you to navigate one of the Secret Rooms, where you’ll get the chance to collect several Treasure Chests.

Some of them are quite tricky to reach, but throughout the following Hogwarts Legacy The Room Of Requirement walkthrough, we’ll explain how to get them.

Additionally, we’ll go over all objectives you must complete in order to complete the quest.

For finishing The Room Of Requirement quest, you’ll be rewarded with 260 XP and gain access to the Evanesco and Conjuring Spells. You’ll also unlock the Conjuration Spellcraft and the Desk of Description used to identify items marked as unidentified.

So as you can see, there are many rewards to be unlocked. Let’s see how to get them without missing anything.

Where To Find Professor Weasley

As you remember from our previous walkthroughs, The Room Of Requirement is a quest you’ll unlock alongside another main quest named In the Shadow of the Undercroft after you finish the Flying Class.

However, it is best to complete the latter first, then look for Professor Weasley in The Astronomy Wing, near the Charms Classroom Floo Flame.

If you don’t have the said Floo Flame unlocked, pick another one in The Astronomy Wing, and from there, follow the path on your minimap while tracking the current quest in your journal.

Eventually, you’ll find the starting location in a corridor on the top floor of the Astronomy Tower.

Hogwarts Legacy The Room Of Requirement Walkthrough

Get close to the circle on the ground, then press the associated button to start the quest.

During the next cutscene, you’ll find the Room Of Requirement, which is the same room Harry Potter used many times.

Professor Weasley will also join you inside, and she will explain how the room works. Now you’ll want to follow Professor Weasley down the linear path in the room. As you progress, you’ll reach a pile of chairs blocking your way.

Now Professor Weasley will introduce you to one of the 34 Spells available in Hogwarts Legacy. Specifically the Evanesco Vanishing Spell.

As usual, to unlock the spell, you’ll want to complete the mini-game, which requires you to guide your blue wand through the patterns on the right side of the screen while pressing the corresponding button when you reach them.

Hogwarts Legacy Evanesco Spell Unlock

After you unlock the spell, it’s time to equip it by pressing Right on your DPad and replacing one of your currently equipped spells.

Next, cast Evanesco on the pile of chairs to remove them and obtain 8 Moonstones. Great job for clearing the path ahead!

Stay close to Professor Weasley as she moves forward, and several steps away from the pile of chairs, she’ll stop.

On the left side, you should see a glowing note in front of the chimney. Pick up the note while Professor Weasley investigates some of her old items. Now she’ll tell you she needs some time, so you’ll continue exploring the room alone.

How To Explore The Room Of Requirement (All Chests Locations)

After Professor Weasley tells you to continue on your own, follow the path ahead, but constantly cast Revelio to find the Treasure Chests in this room.

When you reach the second pile of chairs, cast Evanesco to clear the path ahead, then you’ll notice a blue box you can pull towards you using Accio.

Hogwarts Legacy The Room Of Requirement Chests Locations

Pull the box slowly and make sure it remains close to the wall. Climb on it, then climb the wall to get to the first Treasure Chest.

After you loot the chest, slide on the ramp nearby and cast Evanesco on the third pile of chairs.

Crawl through the hole under the furniture, then once again cast Evanesco to destroy the next pile of chairs.

Several steps away from the last pile is the Bathtub Note on a barrel. You should see it on the left side of the main path.

Now keep pushing forward, crawl through another hole, and then deal with the fifth pile of chairs.

In the area behind it is a bag around the right corner and a Treasure Chest that’s trickier than it looks.

Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement Chests Locations

To get to the Room Of Requirement Chest marked by the left arrow above, start by casting Revelio to spot the blue crates.

Now, get close to the crate marked by the right arrow, and cast Accio to pull it outside through the hole under the furniture.

Crawl through the hole into the small area where the first box was located, then turn left and cast Depulso to push away the box near the chest.

Finally, retrace your steps to the large area in the screenshot above, and cast Accio to pull the platform with the chest towards you.

The idea here is to loot the chest through the small hole in the furniture. As pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement Treasure Chests Locations

Great job! Now that you looted this chest, simply follow the path ahead, and after you make a right turn, you’ll see an entrance. Head inside, and you’ll meet Deek. You probably remember him from the Weasley After Class main quest.

After meeting Deek, he’ll help you turn the Room Of Requirement into something more appropriate for learning. Consider this your private room.

How To Use The Desk Of Description

The first thing you’ll be able to check in the Room Of Requirement is the Description Desk. The Hogwarts Legacy Desk Of Description is used to identify items that are marked as unidentified.

You’ll find many of them inside the chests you loot, and they are quite valuable, so make sure you don’t sell them.

To use the Desk of Description, approach it and press the Square/X button to identify all unidentified items in your inventory.

Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement Desk of Description

Next, you’ll have to speak to professor Weasley, and she’ll tell you that the Room Of Requirement provides some services but not all of them.

Therefore, she’ll teach you the Conjuring Spell, and again, you must complete the mini-game and guide your wand on the pattern on the right side of the screen.

As you are about to find, the Conjuring Spells work only if you have Spellcrafts or crafting materials if you want.

Luckily for the Potting Table and the Potions Station, you’ll have to craft next; you already have enough materials obtained while vanishing the pile of chairs covered earlier in our guide. So, let’s see what you have to do next.

How To Conjure A Potting Table In Hogwarts Legacy

To conjure a Potting Table, first, you have to equip the Conjuring Spell by pressing Right on your DPad. Replace one of your current spells, then cast the Conjuring Spell by pressing R2/RT and the newly assigned button.

From the Conjuring menu, select the Herbology tab. Now, choose one of the Potting Tables available and press X/A.

Move around the room and find a suitable location for the Potting Table. The area must be unobstructed.

Finally, press X/A to Conjure the object or place it on the ground.

Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement Conjure Potting Table

How To Conjure A Potions Station

Conjuring a Hogwarts Legacy Potions Station follows the same logic as the Potting Table, the only difference being that after you cast the Conjure Spell, you must select the Potions Station from the Potions Tab.

Remember that you can also rotate the tables if needed simply by pressing L1/LB and R1/RB.

Once you place both pieces of furniture, talk to  Professor Weasley to complete the quest. You can also ask her about Deek if you want.

After finishing the Hogwarts Legacy The Room Of Requirement quest, it is recommended that you focus on the Interior Decorating side-quest, which unlocks more features you can use in this Secret Room.

Deek is found nearby, and the quest is quite accessible. Furthermore, after this main quest, you’ll unlock The Map Chamber main quest and Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 side quest.

Finally, now that you have unlocked the Room Of Requirement, you can use it whenever you want. To return to this room, open your Hogwarts map, and from the list of Floo Flames available, select Secret Rooms followed by the Room Of Requirement Floo Flame.

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