Hogwarts Legacy The Mine’s Eye Collection Chest Locations Guide

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March 7, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Mine’s Eye Collection Chests are mandatory collectibles if you aim for 100% completion in the Hogwarts Valley region. Of course, you must also obtain the rest of the Hogwarts Valley Collection Chests, not just the two in the Mine’s Eye dungeon.

The problem is that to gain access to the dungeon, you must first complete the It’s All Gobbledegook main quest. Note that you can obtain the two Collection Chests while playing the mentioned quest or even after, so you don’t need to worry if you missed the collectibles.

Where To Find the Mine’s Eye Hogwarts Legacy Dungeon

The entrance to the Mine’s Eye dungeon is located on the southeastern part of the Hogwarts Valley region, southeast of the Keenbridge hamlet. We’ve marked the exact location on the following Hogwarts Legacy map.

Hogwarts Legacy Mine's Eye Location Map

The mine’s entrance, which is close to the Mine’s Eye Floo Flame (southeast of it), is blocked by a door with an eye on it. To open the door, you must sneak up on it using the Disillusionment spell, learned during the Secrets of the Restricted Section main quest.

Collection Chest #1: Next To A Table

Head forward once you enter the mine, and you’ll reach a room with a furnace on the left side. Start the furnace using Incendio, then use the elevator to the north to go down. Upon leaving the elevator, go forward on the linear path until you go down some stairs and reach a gap. To cross the gap, you have to use Accio and pull the platform toward you.

Continue to get to a couple of mobs you need to clear and another door with an eye. Use Disillusionment again to open the door, then proceed until you reach a room with a big cauldron in the middle. Head through the entrance to the south, then go to the tunnel also to the south and follow the linear path to reach a larger room with a mechanism working because of the running water on the left side.

First, you must defeat the enemies and then go up to the balcony using the stairs next to the water. On the balcony, you’ll get to a closed metal door you can’t open, but what you can do is use Accio to remove the grate on the right side.

Crouch through the opening, and you’ll get to the other side of the metal door, where you can find the first Mine’s Eye Chest on a crate next to a table.

Hogwarts Legacy Mine's Eye Collection Chests Locations

Collection Chest #2: On A Crate

Upon obtaining the first Chest, return to the room with the water mechanism and use Incendio on the furnace next to it. Then, continue toward the Chest using Accio on the handle above the water, east of the furnace. Now, get wet and go through the opening left of the handle. Proceed to reach more enemies you must clear in the next room. To continue, you have to use Disillusionment yet again to get through the southern door and light the wood pile under the furnace to the right.

If you’re in the Mine’s Eye dungeon for the first time during the It’s All Gobbledegook main quest, you must pick up the document on the table in the eastern corner of this smaller room.

Then, return to the previous room and use Accio to pull the handle in the southwestern corner to call down the elevator. Go up using the elevator and move through the western tunnel to find some stairs on the left side.

Take the stairs to reach a door with a level 2 lock on which you need to use the upgraded version of Alohomora, learned during The Man Behind The Moons side quest. After unlocking the door, go through to find the second Mine’s Eye Chest on the crate to the left on top of the stairs.

How To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Mine's Eye Collection Chests
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