Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Ranrok’s Plan Evidence Location

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February 22, 2023

It’s All Gobbledegook is a Hogwarts Legacy main quest focused on finding Ranrok’s Plan Evidence inside The Mine’s Eye, an underground Goblin facility you’ll explore in the video game developed by Avalanche Software.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook is quite similar to the previous story-quest named In the Shadow of the Mine because The Mine’s Eye features many rooms where you’ll need to solve various puzzles. Furthermore, while playing the It’s All Gobbledegook quest, you can loot many Treasure Chests to improve your character’s gear.

Where To Find Amit in It’s All Gobbledegook

To be able to start the story quest named It’s All Gobbledegook in Hogwarts Legacy, first, you’ll have to finish the previous main quest called In the Shadow of the Mine. Soon after you exit the Overlook Mine, you’ll receive a letter from  Lodgok, who wants to talk to you.

You may remember that to win Ranrok’s trust, Lodgok asked you to find the Helm Of Urtkot so he could gift it to Ranrok. Lodgok planned to get close to Ranrok and discover the Goblin’s plans. Now, it’s time to see if this plan worked.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Walkthrough

After receiving Lodgok’s letter, open your Owl Post Tab in the Field Guide, then scroll over Lodgok’s icon and read his letter:

“My plan with the helmet failed. But I have another idea. I think we may be able to find what we need at a goblin mine a bit south of Hogwarts. Meet me there. And bring someone who speaks Gobbledegook.”

So, according to Lodgok, his plan to get close to Ranrok was a fiasco, but luckily, he can still help you discover Ranrok’s plans. To get started, you’ll need someone who speaks Gobbledegook. If you wonder what Gobbledegook is, you should know that it’s the native language of the Goblins that only a few wizards and witches can speak. In the Harry Potter universe, Albus Dumbledore was able to speak Gobbledegook.

Again, you are in luck because there is one Hogwarts Student who can speak Gobbledegook, and he is your friend Amit. You may remember him from the Astronomy Class when he helped you with the telescope.

Because Amit is passionate about Astronomy, you’ll find him in the Astronomy Tower; thus, open your Field Guide Map and, from your current location, navigate to the Hogwarts Map, then select the Astronomy Wing, followed by the Astronomy Tower Floo Flame. From the Floo Flame, you’ll want to follow the spiral stairs all the way to the top of the tower, where Amit awaits.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Guide

When talking to Amit Thakkar, he’ll tell you he speaks Gobbledegook and will be happy to help you. Feel free to ask him any additional questions you want, and when ready, pick the Let’s head to the mine, then dialogue choice.

Where To Meet Lodgok Near the Mine Entrance

Once Amit agrees to join you, open your Field Guide Map and switch to the World Map, then check the Hogwarts Valley Region south of the school.

On the eastern side, you should see the Mine’s Eye Floo Flame. If you unlock it, fast-travel to the meeting spot. If not, you’ll want to fast-travel to the closest Floo Flame, then use your broom to fly to the Mine’s Eye Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Quest Guide

When you arrive at the Floo Flame marked on our map above, turn southwest, and you’ll see Lodgok waiting for you on top of a wooden platform near some wooden crates. Despite his size, he’s pretty hard to miss.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Quest Walkthrough

When talking to Lodgok, you’ll find out that his plan failed because Ranrok realized that the Goblin received help from a wizard/witch to retrieve the Helm Of Urtkot. The first dialogue choice is unimportant because you can’t blame Lodgok, and he had no choice. So pick whatever you want.

Now, Lodgok will tell you about Bragbor, or Ranrok’s ancestor. Bragbor was a renowned metal worker commissioned to build repositories for several wizards and witches.

Bragbor’s repositories or receptacles have been scattered worldwide, and Ranrok is looking for them; thus, he sent his Goblins, including Lodgok, to find them. The wizards who ordered Bragbor to build the repositories were Rackham, Fitzgerald, Bakar, Morganach, and Rookwood. Or, simply put, the Keepers.

According to Lodgok, Ranrok is interested in the repositories because they contain a unique magical power he wants for the Goblin kind.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find more details, because Amit arrives. Even if his spoken Gobbledegook is not perfect, Amit will help you decipher Ranrok’s plan, and he will be a valuable companion. Make sure that before leaving, you ask Lodgok about the door you’ll need to open, and you’ll find out that it won’t open as long as the eye above it sees you. So, let’s see what you have to do next.

How To Enter the Goblin Mine’s Eye in Hogwarts Legacy

After talking to Lodgok, head southeast, and you’ll see the entrance to the Goblin Mine. Remember what Lodgok told you: to enter the Goblin Mine in Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook, you must equip and use the Disillusionment Spell.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook How To Enter The Goblin Mine

Equip it by pressing Right on your DPad, then cast it to become invisible. Now, approach the door and interact with it.

Once inside the mine, it’s worth knowing that although our guide reveals the locations of all Treasure Chests, inside the mine, you’ll also find two Collection Chests, which are part of the 15 Hogwarts Valley Collection Chests.

To get both Mine’s Eye Collection Chests, you must upgrade the Alohomora Spell to level 2 because one is behind a locked door. If you have already completed The Man Behind The Moons side-quest, you can retrieve both. If not, you’ll have to return here later.

Where To Find Ranrok’s Plan Evidence

Now, back to our search for evidence of Ranrok’s Plan. When you enter the mine, follow the tunnel ahead until you reach the first room. Here, you’ll want to grab the Galleons on the table on the right side, then look at the furnace on the left side as you enter. To progress, you’ll want to cast Confringo on the wood pile under the large furnace.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Ranrok Plan Evidence

After you start the furnace, cross the room and take the elevator down by interacting with the gear. Make sure Amit is close to you. After reaching the lower level, as you exit the elevator, use Accio on the hook on the left side, then wait for the conveyor belt to start and loot both bags that drop in front of you.

Now, continue following the northern tunnel, and you’ll reach a rather large gap. Here, you’ll want to cast Accio to pull the platform towards you, then walk on it. Again, make sure that Amit is also on the platform before casting Accio again to pull it to the other side.

Keep pushing north, and you’ll encounter the first group of Goblins in the next room. Now, it’s worth knowing that you don’t have to remain unseen if you don’t want to. Obviously, you can take them out faster with Petrificus Totalus, but engaging them directly is also a valid option.

So make sure you get rid of them first, then cast Disillusionment and open the next door with an eye above it. When you enter the next room, you’ll want to set on fire the furnace on the right side. Once you do that, return to the previous room and cast Accio on the hook on the left side of the door with the surveillance eye.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Treasure Chests Locations

After pulling the hook, follow the water slide on the left side and cast Depulso on the grate on the right side of the tunnel. Behind the grate, you’ll find a Treasure Chest on a balcony (left side at the bottom of the stairs). Once you loot it, jump down to the room below, where the second furnace is found.

Now, keep following the tunnel north, and you’ll reach another room. Here, you’ll find the first Ranrok’s Plan Evidence on the table marked below.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Ranrok Plan Evidence Locations

After getting the evidence, collect the two bags of Galleons but remain on the ground floor. Now, head south, cross the kitchen, and you’ll reach the smithing room. While inside, you’ll find the second Evidence of Ranrok’s plan on the crate on the left side of the tunnel leading east.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Ranrok Plan All Evidence Locations

Pick it up, then grab the Galleons’ bags nearby. Now, instead of heading through the tunnel pictured above, retrace your steps to the room where you have found the first plan. When you reach it, follow the stairs to the second floor if you don’t want to miss anything.

Upon reaching the second floor, enter the first room on the left side (east) and loot the large bag and all Galleons (3). Head outside the bedrooms now, head left, and deal with the three Goblins in the next area. Loot the chest in the corner of the room (marked below) and grab the third evidence on the table.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Evidence Of Ranroks Plan

Great job! Now, follow the stairs down, and you’ll return to the Goblin kitchen, where you’ll have to turn left (south) to return to the smithing room. Obviously, now you’ll want to check the eastern tunnel, which will take you to the main room in the facility.

Again, first, you’ll need to clear the area and eliminate all Goblins, then loot all the items they’ve dropped. After the area is clear, you’ll want to get the next piece of evidence found on a crate in the southeastern corner of the room (pictured).

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Mine's Eye Treasure Chests Locations

While remaining in the same room, check the balcony above the tunnel you have used to get here. Follow the stairs up, get all Galleons on the table on the left side, then you should see a grate on the right side, after a small tunnel with a large bag inside.

Cast Depulso on the grate, crawl under the pipes and reach the upper balcony, where you’ll find the first Collection Chest and another Treasure Chest. Now it’s time to head back to the main room, so follow the stairs down and light a fire under the furnace by casting Cofringo, followed by Accio on the lever on the right side (both marked below).

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Mine Eye Treasure Chests Locations

After pulling the lever, check the tunnel northeast, looting every item you encounter, and don’t forget to check the small cave on the left side for more crafting materials. Pay attention because you must cast Lumos to remove the Devil’s Snare vines.

After clearing the cave, return to the main path and head southeast to enter another section of the Goblin facility. First, deal with the Goblin Loyalists, then check the southwestern tunnel for a bag and a Treasure Chest.

Return to the previous chamber and cast Disillusionment to enter the southern gate without being spotted by the eye. In the next room, first, check the eastern side to get the last of Ranrok’s Plan Evidence, then loot the Treasure Chest nearby.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Ranrok Plan Evidences

When you find the last piece of evidence, you’ll discover that Ranrok is building a giant drill to find the lost repositories. This information is important, but now it’s time to exit the mine.

How to Exit the Mine in Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook

So, from your current location, head towards the door and ignite the fire under the furnace on the left side as you exit by casting Confringo. The moment you step outside the door, on the left side, you’ll see a lever you can pull with Accio.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Mine Exit

Head inside the elevator with Amit, then interact with the gear to move up. After exiting the elevator, move through the western tunnel, and you’ll see some stairs on the left side.

If you follow them, they’ll take you to a door with a Level II lock on it. You can open it only after you upgrade your Alohomora Spell by completing The Man Behind The Moons side quest.

Behind the door is the second Mine’s Eye Collection Chest and some Galleons. After obtaining the Collection Chest, return to the main path and follow the linear tunnel, which will take you to the mine entrance. Jump to the lower floor, then head south to exit the mine. Return to the surface, talk to Amit first, then return to Lodgok. You’ll find him at the same location.

Once you tell Lodgok that Ranrok is planning to build a drill and find the repositories, he’ll let you know that despite sharing Ranrok’s view, he helps you because of a friendly witch he has met in the past. That witch was Miriam, Fig’s deceased wife, you probably remember from the game’s prologue.

Miriam and Lodgok’s friendship grew stronger while exploring Rookwood Castle for different reasons, so when she died, Lodgok blamed Ranrok. The story told by Lodgok is quite sad and also the reason why he turned on Ranrok. From him, you’ll also find out that Ranrok is looking for a repository far greater than the one you found under Rookwood Castle, and to reach it, he needs the drill from the schematics you saw earlier.

Luckily, Lodgok is on your side and will eventually find Ranrok’s plan. As he departs, Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook quest ends. At this point, you’ll unlock The Headmistress Speaks story quest, which is very short. Furthermore, The Sky Is The Limit side-quest also unlocks now and multiple Relationship Quests, all covered by our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.

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