Hogwarts Legacy Poached Egg Dragon’s Nest Location

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February 16, 2023

Poached Egg is the second Hogwarts Legacy relationship quest as part of Poppy Sweeting’s questline, in which you’ll focus on returning the dragon egg. During Poached Egg Quest, you’ll constantly be attacked with fireballs by the dragon, who doesn’t know your intentions.

So, you’ll have to get past the dragon to get to her nest, which can be a bit difficult without a proper strategy.

To unlock Poppy’s Quest, you’ll have to finish Poppy’s first relationship quest, called A Dragon Debrief Quest, which is just a conversation with her in Three Broomsticks. Also, you’ll have to progress the main story until you’ve completed Fire And Vice Main Quest, where you found the Egg and released the dragon.

Then, Poppy will send you an owl, letting you know where to return the Egg, and you should meet her in Hogsmeade’s town circle. You can see the exact location on the map below. Talk to Poppy in Hogsmeade town circle to begin the Poached Egg Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Poached Egg Side Quest Starting Location

Where To Find the Dragon’s Nest

After you finish the conversation with Poppy, she will take you on the path near the dragon’s nest. Follow the path ahead, jump over the fallen log, and defeat the two wolves in the area. In front of the tent, you can pick up A Poacher Letter from the dead body, which is not part of the quest, but you can learn more about their intentions. Equip and cast Reparo to repair the broken wooden bridge and to progress further.

Poached Egg Broken Bridge Reparo

Keep following the quest marker until you start a cutscene with the dragon flying over you; then, it lands on the ruins ahead.

How To Get Past the Dragon

At the end of the cutscene, you’ll be sitting behind some ruins with the dragon spitting fireballs at you. To get closer to her nest, you’ll have to get past the dragon using the blocks of ruins along the way. Immediately after it spits a fireball, run toward the next ruins to get cover.

Get past the dragon closer to her nest.

Be patient, and don’t rush toward the quest marker if you feel that you don’t have the time. After you pass the first section, there will be a second section where you’ll have to do the same thing.

But this time, the dragon will shoot three consecutive fireballs, so you’ll have to watch out for them. Run toward the next ruin after it shoots the third fireball, and keep repeating until you reach the quest marker.

Hide behind the broken walls to avoid being hit.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to go through one more section with the dragon shooting fireballs, one at a time, at shorter intervals. Use the same strategy as the first time, and always get cover to the closest ruin or stone block until you get past the dragon.

Keep running until you reach the dragon's nest.

How To Place the Egg in Its Nest

After you go through a short cave, you’ll reach another broken wooden bridge. Cast Reparo to cross over and reach the dragon’s nest.

Cast Reparo on broken bridge.

Press the interaction button to place the Dragon Egg and start a breathtaking cutscene with the dragon.

After you finish the conversation with Poppy, you’ll find yourself back in Hogsmeade, which will also complete the Poached Egg Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. If you wish to continue her questline, Poppy Sweeting’s next quest is The Poachers’ House Call.

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