Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Region Arrow Cube Treasure Vault Puzzle Solution

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February 22, 2023

Feldcroft Region Arrow Cube Treasure Vault is one of the trickiest Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults on the western side of the game’s world because it introduces a new type of puzzle you’ll want to know how to solve.

What makes this Treasure Vault different than the rest is the puzzle you’ll have to solve to get to the Chest. This puzzle is not necessarily more challenging but requires you to know a specific aspect of one of the Spells in the game.

Unlike other Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults, this one features several stone pillars with arrows engraved on them, each pointing in a different direction. So, if you don’t know how to solve the Stone Pillar puzzle in Feldcroft and how to properly place the Cube on it, chances are you won’t be able to get the Treasure Chest.

While the Treasure Chest doesn’t count as one of the collectibles, if you are a completionist, you’ll most likely want to get your hands on every piece of gear you can find.

Where To Find the Arrow Cube Treasure Vault in Feldcroft Region

The Arrow Cube Treasure Vault is found, as you can see on the map below, northeast of Priya Treadwell Shop and southwest of North Feldcroft Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Region Arrow Cube Treasure Vault Puzzle

If you pay close attention to the map above, you can see that this Treasure Vault is close to some ruins.

Before moving forward with the puzzle solution, it is worth knowing that other Treasure Vaults feature similar puzzles. If you learn how to solve this one, you’ll most likely manage to solve every Treasure Vault Puzzle featuring Stone Pillars with arrows on them.

How To Solve the Feldcroft Treasure Vault With Arrow Sign Stones Puzzle

Upon reaching the location on our map above, you’ll first want to cast Revelio while standing in front of the entrance. Look for a highlighted cube close to the Treasure Vault. As you can guess, the first step is to cast Wingardium Leviosa on the Cube and place it on the plate in front of the Vault’s entrance.

Once you do that, you must cast Levioso while targeting the Cube. The Spell you must cast is marked on the Cube you just found.

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Treasure Vault With Arrow Sign Stones Puzzle Solution

By placing the Cube on the plate, you’ll open the door to enter the Treasure Vault with arrow sign stones.

Now, follow the tunnel, and you’ll get to a small cave. In the middle, you’ll see three Stone Pillars with signs on them. Each sign depicts an arrow pointing in a direction. Go around them and pay close attention to the stone blocks on top of them. You’ll notice that one arrow is pointing up, one left and one right.

The fourth Stone Pillar has a missing block. As you can guess, you’ll have to place the Cube nearby on top of it, and the arrow on the stone block must point down. The problem is that whenever you move the Cube, the arrow will point in another direction except down. So, how do you place the Stone Cube on top of the pillar in the correct position?

The answer to this question is not provided by the game, meaning that there is one feature you may not be aware of. To start, equip the Wingardium Leviosa Spell by pressing Right on your DPad. Now, cast the Spell on the Stone Block on the ground.

Turn around by moving the Left Thumbstick, then slowly press Right or Left on your DPad to rotate the Arrow Stone Block, making sure that the engraving is pointing to the ground.

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Region Arrow Stone Pillars Treasure Vault Puzzle

The trick here, or what the game doesn’t tell you, is that you can rotate the objects while casting Wingardium Leviosa. So, you’ll want to cast the Spell; then, while keeping the R2/RT button pulled on your controller, you must rotate the Arrow Stone Block with the Left and Right buttons on your DPad.

One unusual event that may occur while trying to solve the Feldcroft Arrow Block Puzzle is triggered when you place the Cube in the wrong position. If this happens, you’ll see the Cube bouncing around in the cave, and you’ll want to stop it by casting Arresto Momentum. This could be a bug or a glitch, but luckily, it has an easy fix.

Now, after you rotate the Cube and place it with the arrow facing down, as you can see, the door opens, and the chest can be accessed.

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Stone Arrow Cube Pillars Treasure Vault Puzzle Guide

So now that you know how to solve the Feldcroft Region Arrow Pillars Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy, remember that you’ll encounter similar puzzles, but all of them follow the same logic.

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