Hogwarts Legacy Interior Decorating Quest Walkthrough

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February 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Interior Decorating is a side quest offered by Professor Weasley, in which you’ll have to decorate your new room using the freshly learned Transfiguration Spells. Through the Interior Decorating Quest, you’ll learn how to decorate the Room of Requirement to suit your style. Even though it seems like an easy side quest, we will go through every step and give you some tips about improving your new place.

Interior Decorating Side Quest becomes available after you finish The Room of Requirement Main Quest, where you learn two Transfiguration Spells. After you complete the main quest, speak with Professor Weasley in your Room of Requirement to begin the side quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Interior Decorating Side Quest Starting Location

How To Gather Moonstones

For the first step, you’ll have to gather 15 Moonstones. The chances are that you already have more than 15 Moonstones in your inventory. In case you don’t have enough Moonstones, you can vanish items around the Room of Requirement using the Evanesco Spell to receive Moonstones. Also, you can head outside of Hogwarts Castle and check on the sides of the road to find plenty of Moonstones.

Interior Decorating Gather Moonstone

Return to Professor Weasley when you have the Moonstones and talk to her.

How To Conjure Floor and Wall Decorations

For the next part of the side quest, you’ll have to conjure five floor decorations and five wall decorations. Equip the Conjuring Spell from the Magic Spell Menu by pressing Dpad Right, then cast it to enter the Conjuration Menu.

The items necessary to progress the quest are highlighted with a pulsing blue border. To conjure floor decorations, select anything you want between Rugs, Chairs, Tables, and Decorations.

Interior Decorating Floor Decorations

In my case, I chose to place a table with four chairs around it. Then, select anything from the Wall Hangings and Room of Requirement Artwork for the wall decorations.

Wall Decorations

I chose to place a couple of mirrors with flower boxes above them. You can pick the same item five times; it doesn’t matter. If you are running low on Moonstone, you can vanish the floor items once you’ve placed five of them and completed the objective. After you finish conjuring the wall and floor decorations, speak with Professor Weasley, who will teach you the final Transfiguration Spell named Altering Spell.

How To Alter the Style of an Item

To alter the style of an item, aim at the chair behind Professor Weasley or one of the mirrors you’ve placed and cast the Altering Spell. Press DPad Left or Right to select one of the options available, then press (X)/(A) to confirm your selection.

Interior Decorating Alter Style

How To Change the Color of an Item

Aim at any floor decoration you’ve placed earlier or the chair behind Professor Weasley, cast the Altering Spell, and press (▢) – PS / (X) – Xbox to change the item’s color. Select one of the available colors by pressing DPad Left or Right, then press (X)/(A) to confirm your selection.

Interior Decorating Change Colour

How To Adjust the Size of an Item

Aim at any room decoration, cast the Altering Spell, and press Dpad Up to increase the size or Dpad Down to decrease the size, then press (X)/(A) to confirm your selection.

Interior Decorating Adjust Size

How To Alter the Balcony or the Floor of the Room

Aim at the balcony above the entrance or the floor and cast the Altering Spell. Press DPad Left or Right to select one of the available options, then press (X)/(A) to confirm your selection.

Decorating Alter Balcony or Floor

For the final part of the Interior Decorating Side Quest, speak with Deek on the west part of the Room of Requirement to change the room’s ambiance. You can pick whatever suits you the best. You can change the ambiance whenever you want by speaking with Deek.

Hogwarts Legacy Interior Decorating Change Ambience

After you change the room’s ambiance, a shot cutscene will play, expanding the Room of Requirement, which will finish the Interior Decorating Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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  1. How do I change the ambiance after the side quest? Deek is not available to talk to after the side quest is completed.

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