Hogwarts Legacy The Map Chamber Location Guide

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February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy, The Map Chamber, is one of the shortest main quests in the video game published by Warner Bros. Games, and it requires your presence back to one of the two Secret Rooms you previously discovered.

The Map Chamber Hogwarts Legacy quest, revolves around a series of conversations between you, Professor Rackham, and Professor Fig. While short, The Map Chamber is mandatory for progressing the story because Professor Rackham will prepare you for a series of Trials you’ll have to complete.

Last but not least, you’ll receive 260 XP for finishing this story quest. So let’s see what you have to do.

Where To Find Professor Fig

The Map Chamber quest starts after you complete the previous main quest named The Room Of Requirement. Shortly after you complete the previous quest, you’ll receive a letter from Fig via the Owl Post.

Hogwarts Legacy The Map Chamber Walkthrough

Open your Field Guide and find Fig’s letter, which reads:

“Come and see me as soon as you can. I’ve returned from a rather unproductive trip to the Ministry. Hoping your time has been more fruitful than mine.”

It seems that Fig is back from London, so it’s time to pay him a visit and share your latest findings. To find Fig, you’ll have to reach Professor Fig’s Classroom in The Library Annex.

So fast travel to said Floo Flame, then head inside his study. He’ll tell you Minister Spavin is more interested in dragons than Ranrok. Luckily, Fig is not Spavin, and he’s quite interested in what you found. After you share all the news, it’s time to introduce Fig to Rackham.

How To Enter the Map Chamber

To enter the Map Chamber, after the cutscene, follow the hallway ahead and descend the stairs, then turn right and go through the next door. Once you enter the room, you’ll trigger an impressive cutscene and understand why the large hall is named the Map Chamber.

But now it’s time to focus on the important stuff. So, alongside Fig, get close to the Portrait of Professor Rackham. You don’t need to interact with it; just stay close to Fig.

Hogwarts Legacy The Map Chamber Guide

During the next cutscene, Professor Rackham explains that the book you found was required to activate the map on the floor, which shows the location of four Trials. These trials were designed by the four former Hogwarts Professors (Rackham, Charles Rookwood, Niamh Fitzgerald, and San Bakar).

As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock all of them, and you must finish them all. When asked if you recall the memory from the Gringotts Pensive, answer how you wish. The second option will allow Rackham to remind you what you saw.

Next, Rackham will explain that the Trials you are about to face have been created to protect the knowledge and power from the wrong people. So you’ll have to prove you are worthy of learning Ancient Magic.

When Rackham tells you that you’ll need time to complete the Trials, Fig outlines that time is something you don’t have because of Ranrok and his goblins. This will convince Rackham to speed up the process and give you access to the first Trial.

The map on the floor will now reveal the location of the first Trial. What you answer when Fig asks if you know the tower is unimportant for the story. So tell Fig you’ll meet him at the tower, and the Hogwarts Legacy The Map Chamber quest ends.

How To Return to the Map Chamber

Upon completing the quest, it’s worth knowing that if you wish to return to the Map Chamber, you can do this using the map in your Field Guide:

  • Open the Field Guide Map
  • Select Hogwarts Map
  • Select Secret Rooms
  • Pick the Map Chamber Floo Flame

Now that you have finished this main quest, you’ll receive a letter from the Herbology Teacher, which allows you to start Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 and another one for Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1. Percival Rackham’s Trial main quest also starts now, so make sure you check our walkthrough to navigate the maze.

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