Hogwarts Legacy Summoner’s Court Match 1: How To Win The Game

February 9, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Summoner’s Court Match 1 is a side quest you can complete by beating Leander Prewett in a game of Summoner’s Court.

We know you can’t pass out the chance to defeat Leander when he challenges you to a game; however, Summoner’s Court gets a little trickier than when you previously played it in the Charms Class main story quest.

So you’ll have to bring your A-game to beat Leander in this battle of skill and teach him a lesson.

Therefore, you can follow the guide below for useful tips on how to win the mini-game and complete the Hogwarts Legacy Summoner’s Court Match 1 side mission.

How To Start Summoner’s Court Match 1 In Hogwarts Legacy

First, it’s worth mentioning that this side quest becomes available only after you complete the Potions Class story quest.

Then, you have to find Leander Prewett, who is waiting around the Summoner’s Court board in the Bell Tower Wing of Hogwarts Castle (on the east side).

If you open your map, you should see the quest icon in the said area, which you can select and then press X to track it.

Look for the Summoner’s Court: Match 1 side quest icon next to the Flying Class Lawn Foo Flame, which you can use to fast travel there if you have it unlocked.

Or just use the tracker to make your way to Leander, the quest giver.

Hogwarts Legacy Summoner's Court Match 1 Walkthrough

Now speak with the NPC to start the mission.

How To Win Summoner’s Court Match 1

Upon talking to Leander, the game starts immediately, and in case you forgot how to play, you have to use the Accio spell to pull the blue spheres toward you.

If you manage to get the spheres as close as you can to you (on the blue part of the board), you get the most points and will surely win Summoner’s Court Match 1.

But doing so is risky because the spheres can fall off the board, and you will get no points, just like in the next image.

Hogwarts Legacy Summoner's Court Match 1 Guide

Thus you might want to aim for the green part of the board, you’ll get fewer points, but it will be safer.

Now, to use Accio, you have to hold R2 (PlayStation) and press the button to which you have assigned the spell.

To assign any spell, you must press the Right arrow on the DPad of your controller.

Then put your cursor on the spell you want, hold R2, and press the button you wish to assign. The available buttons are listed in the bottom right corner of your screen (only while holding R2).

Good; now, if you want to aim for the blue part of the board, make sure you release R2 (while using Accio, of course) when the sphere reaches the orange part.

Be careful not to hit the obstacles scattered on the board because they will bounce the sphere back.

If needed, you can move on the podium to get a better angle.

Also, it’s good to know that if you fail, you can try again until you succeed.

We’re sure you’ll beat Leander in no time; complete the Hogwarts Legacy Summoner’s Court Match 1 side mission and obtain 180 XP as a reward.

Hogwarts Legacy Summoner's Court Match 1 How To Win

Now you can focus on other quests or just explore the beautiful world of the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and you can check out our Wiki Hub here for other useful guides.

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