Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 Balloon Locations

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February 14, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 is the first Assignment you’ll receive from your Flying Class Teacher and one of the most accessible Assignments in the Harry Potter-inspired video game published by Warner Bros. Games.

Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 in Hogwarts Legacy allows you to unlock the Glacious Spell, so you’ll get access to one of the 34 Spells in the game simply by popping 10 Balloons. Last but not least, Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 is required to unlock the second side-quest you’ll get from the Flying Teacher, which is similar to the first one.

Madam Kogawa’s first Assignment becomes available after you receive a letter from her. The letter will arrive only after you finish The Map Chamber story quest via the Owl Post.

Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa's Assignment 1 Walkthrough

Once it arrives, you’ll be notified by a small icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Make sure you open the Owl Post Tab in your Field Guide to read the following message:

“It’s time you learned Glacius, the Freezing Spell. It is an efficient way to cool down a heated situation. But first, I will need you to complete a few tasks. Once you have done that, come and see me.”

Learning Glacius is essential to completing some of the side-quests, so try to focus on the task mentioned by Kogawa as soon as possible. To learn more about them, check your Quests Tab in the Field Guide and the current Assignment. You’ll be asked to:

  • Pop five balloons over Hogsmeade Station 
  • Pop five balloons around the Quidditch Pitch

Good, now let’s see where to find the balloons and how to pop them.

Hogsmeade Station Balloon Locations

Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Station is found southeast of Hogsmeade. To find the location marked below, make sure you access the World Map.

Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa's Assignment 1 Hogsmeade Station Balloons Locations

Since you already unlocked the flying broom, use it to get to the train station we have marked for you. Now, fly around, and you should see a set of 5 Balloons floating above the train station and the train tracks. You can also see the Hogsmeade Station Balloons, marked in the following image, the fifth being hidden between the trees on the right side of the train tracks as you fly from north to south.

Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Station Balloons Locations

To pop the Balloons, all you have to do is bump into them while flying around. Since there is no timer, the first task is very accessible. Once you pop the Balloons above the Hogsmeade Station, it’s time to focus on the next set.

Where To Find the Quidditch Pitch Balloons

To find the Quidditch Pitch Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy, fly west or use the Mooncalf Den Floo Flame to fast-travel.

Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa's Assignment 1 Quidditch Pitch Balloons Locations

Jump on the broom again, then fly over the Quidditch Pitch looking for another set of 5 Balloons you’ll need to pop. As you can see in the following screenshot, two Balloons are found outside the Quidditch Pitch behind the wall. Make sure you fly low enough to spot them.

Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch Pitch Balloons Locations

Before moving forward with the quest, it is worth knowing that the 10 Balloons you just popped count as collectibles. In this case, they count towards the South Hogwarts Region Balloon Sets.

Great job! Now, all that’s left to do is to report back to Madam Kogawa. You’ll find her in her office outside the school. Follow the stairs to her small office, and she’ll agree to teach you the Glacius Spell. Obviously, you’ll have to complete the associated mini-game by steering your wand while following the pattern on the right side of the screen.

Hogwarts Legacy Glacius Spell Unlock

After you finish the mini-game, Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 is complete, but soon you’ll receive another letter from the same teacher, triggering Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2.

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