Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake: How To Solve All Merlin Trials

April 2, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials are puzzles you can solve while exploring the southeastern lake area of the video game published by Warner Bros Games.

If you’re a completionist, it’s important to know that if you find and solve all Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy, you unlock the Merlin’s Beard! Trophy/Achievement.

Also, by solving multiple Trials, you complete Challenges that increase your inventory size, allowing you to carry more gear.

However, you’ll first have to complete the Trials Of Merlin main quest, then obtain some Mallowsweet Leaves, and only after can you worry about the Merlin Trials.

If you are wondering how to get Mallowsweet Leaves, note that the fastest way is to grow them in the Room of Requirement. Of course, you’ll need the Mallowsweet Seed Recipe, which can be bought in Hogsmeade from the Magic Neep shop.

Now, let’s get back to the 4 Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials, which can be tricky, especially if you don’t have much experience with these types of Hogwarts Legacy puzzles, and that is why we’ll go over them in the guide below.

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials Locations Map

To find the Merlin Trials in the Marunweem Lake area, it would be best to check the next locations map.

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials Locations Map

To continue, we’ll talk about each puzzle following the order on our map.

Merlin Trial #1: Southeast Of The Coastal Mine Floo Flame

The first Marunweem Lake Merlin Trial altar is found on the east side of the region, and you can quickly get to it by fast traveling to the Coastal Mine Floo Flame, then heading southeast.

Keep an eye on your minimap because the altar will appear if you get close enough.

Once you reach the first location on the map above, interact with the altar and cast Revelio to spot 3 stones.

One stone is northeast of the altar, another southeast, and the last is up on the cliff behind the large tree southwest.

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials Locations

As you can see, the stones are made of 2 parts, each with symbols on them.

To solve the puzzle, you must go to each stone and use the Flipendo spell to match the symbols on the top parts and with those on the bottom.

Note that you can flip only the top parts. Also, your position toward the stones matters for the way the top pieces will get flipped.

Now, practice a little with Flipendo on the stones to better understand how it works and then solve the puzzle.

It can be tricky, but we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it and get it done in no time.

Merlin Trial #2: Next To Some Ruins

The next Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trial altar is next to some ruins east of the Marunweem Lake Floo Flame.

Upon getting to the altar, start the Trial, and go to the round boulder in the ruins because you’ll need to use Depulso on it to guide it to the hole northeast, across the bridge.

However, a closed gate will stand in your way, and to open it, you have to cast Depulso at the mechanism next to it.

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials Puzzles Locations

Merlin Trial #3: By The Water

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trial #3 is by the water west of the Marunweem Floo Flame.

To solve the puzzle, you must interact with the altar, then turn west to see some stones. To continue, jump from stone to stone, starting with the one to the southwest.

When you reach the last stone without touching the ground or water, you complete the Trial.

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials Puzzles Solutions

Merlin Trial #4: In The Ruins South Of The Marunweem Ruins Floo Flame

For the last Marunweem Lake Merlin Trial, you have to head to the ruins south of the Marunweem Ruins Floo Flame in the southwestern corner of the region.

Now start the Trial, then cast Revelio to see 3 stones with diamond-shaped holes around the altar.

One stone is in front of the wall west of the altar, another next to some barrels northeast, and the last next to the pillar southeast.

You also need to find 3 groups of green fireflies. You’ve probably figured it out, right? You must bring the fireflies to the stones to solve the puzzle.

But note that a stone can’t contain more than one group of fireflies.

To see 2 groups of fireflies, you have to turn northeast of the altar, and for the third, look southeast, outside of the ruins.

Don’t worry; the fireflies are easy to spot because of their green glow.

Now to make the fireflies follow you back to the stones, you need to cast Lumos near them.

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials Puzzles

Great job, friend! You’ve successfully found and solved all 4 Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Merlin Trials puzzles. But don’t stop here; continue with the other puzzles, collectibles, and quests Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. Also, if you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to go to our Wiki Hub here.

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