Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Class: Where To Find The Astronomy Table

February 18, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Class main quest focuses on teaching you how to use a telescope to discover the hidden constellations.

After you finish the Astronomy Class, you’ll be able to observe more constellations using the hidden Astronomy Tables across the Highlands and the telescope you’ll receive from Amit.

All the Astronomy Tables are required to complete all Appearances Collections for the Collector’s Edition Trophy/Achievement.

Hence, follow this in-depth guide to learn how to use the telescope and complete the Astronomy Class in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where To Attend Astronomy Class

To attend the Astronomy Class, you’ll have to advance the storyline until you’ve finished In The Shadow Of The Estate, where you’ve learned a little more about the cursed cast upon Sebastian’s sister, Anne, and its connection to ancient magic and Isidora Morganach.

Then, select The Astronomy Wing of the Hogwarts Castle and fast-travel to Astronomy Tower Floo Flame to begin the Astronomy Class main quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Class Main Quest Location

Professor Shah will be displeased that you still don’t have your own telescope, and she will partner you with Amit Thakkar, another student.

Then, she will ask you to bring the telescope into focus. Use the (R3)/(RS) to calibrate the focus.

Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Class Telescope Focus

Where To Find Amit’s Telescope In The Storage Area

After you get acquainted with Amit, he will offer you his spare telescope, which can be found in the storage area of the Astrology Tower.

Finish the conversation with Amit, and head down the circular stair to reach the Storage Area. You’ll find the telescope on the only circular table.

Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Class Telescope Storage Area

Where To Find Amit On The Lower Deck

Once you’ve got the telescope, go up the stairs back to the main deck, then go down the stairs inside the Astrology Tower.

You’ll find Amit sitting next to a larger telescope on the lower deck.

Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Class Amit Lower Deck

During the convesartion with Amit, he will ask you to help him find one of the hidden Astronomy Tables around Hogwarts Castle, which will help finding hidden constellations.

After you finish talking with him, you’ll find yourself outside Castle Hogwarts. Follow Amit until you reach the castle ramparts. Here, he will ask you to lead the way.

Where To Find The Astronomy Table

Climb the castle ramparts and follow the path to the right. In the first room, destroy the two wooden crates blocking the door by casting Incendio learned during In the Shadow of the Undercroft Main Quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Class Puzzle Solution

Go through the door into the next room, and burn the spider web by casting Incendio.

Leave the room through the door behind the web to find the Astronomy Table, a new type of collectible available all over the Highlands.

Press the interaction button PS – (▢)/ Xbox – (X) to use the Astronomy Table.

To complete the Astronomy Table minigame, you’ll have to line up the telescope with the constellation.

Use (L3)/(LS) to move the telescope, (R2) and (L2) / (RT) and (LT) to zoom and (R3)/(RS) to rotate the telescope.

To easily solve this puzzle, use the brighter star as a landmark and fit the bigger circle on the brighter star.

Then, just keep zooming or rotating until you match them as in the imag below.

Hogwarts Legacy Astronomy Class Astronomy Table Solution

After you solve the Astronomy Table minigame, you’ll have a brief conversation with Amit, who will let you keep his old telescope, which will also complete the Astronomy Class main quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Immediately after finishing the Astronomy Class main quest, you’ll receive an Owl from Sebastian, which allows you to start In The Shadow Of The Bloodline, his first relationship quest.

Also, you’ll unlock The High Keep Main Quest as well as Take The Biscuit Side Quest, which you can complete by following the guides mentioned above.

However, if you feel like doing something else, we suggest visiting our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub here for a wide range of helpful guides.

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