Hogwarts Legacy The Great Hall Collection Chest Locations Guide

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March 18, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Great Hall Collection Chests require you to carefully explore the Great Hall area of Hogwarts Castle, and for one Chest in particular, you must solve an animal door puzzle. If you haven’t encountered an animal door puzzle yet, don’t worry; they are not that hard once you understand them.

There are 3 Collection Chests in The Great Hall, and if you’re thinking that you are looking for the needle (or needles) in the haystack, you are kinda right, but the good news is that if you manage to get close to one of the Chests, it will appear on your minimap.

Where To Find the Three Great Hall Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

On the Hogwarts Castle map below, we’ve marked the location of The Great Hall area. So, if you open your map and select the bottom left flag, then fast travel to one of the 4 Floo Flames, you’ll find yourself in The Great Hall.

Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Collection Chests Locations

Collection Chest #1: On a Small Table

The first Great Hall Chest is found by going through the second door to the right south of the Great Hall Floo Flame. Look for the collectible on the small table on the south side of the small room.

Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Collection Chests Collectibles Locations

Collection Chest #2: In Front of a Window

For the second Hogwarts Legacy Collection Chest, you must return to the huge room with the Great Hall Floo Flame and go through the corridor to the northeast to reach a door with animal symbols around it. As you probably guessed, here you have to solve the animal door puzzle we’ve mentioned.

First, you must look closer at the door to spot two triangles. Each triangle has a number in the middle, and around it, an animal symbol and a smaller number. Also, the top triangle has a question mark, and the bottom triangle has two question marks.

Now, we’ll let you know that each animal symbol represents a number. You’re probably asking yourself how to determine which number is assigned to what symbol. Well, it’s easy; start with the Owl on the bottom left, which represents 0, then add +1 to the next symbol, and so on, going clockwise to end with the Kraken on the bottom right, which represents 9.

This means that for the top triangle, you have a 7, a 9 because of the Kraken, and a question mark. The number in the middle of the triangle (24 this time) is the sum of the numbers around the same triangle, which means the question mark can only be an 8. The animal symbol for the number 8 is a spider; now, with that in mind, turn around and go to the triangle with the question mark in the middle, on the wall on the right side.

Interact with the triangle by going next to it and pressing the - GameClubz/- GameClubz on your PlayStation/Xbox controller until it displays the spider symbol. Do the same for the bottom triangle on the door to find out you’re missing a 3, which is assigned to the Hydra symbol.

Now, go to the triangle with the two question marks in the middle, located on the wall on the left side going south from the puzzle door. Interact with this triangle to make it display a Hydra, then return to the door, which can now be opened. Finally, head inside to find the second Chest collectible in front of the window.

Where To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Collection Chests Collectibles

Collection Chest #3: Next to a Pile of Pots

For the last Collection Chest, you’ll first have to fast-travel to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame in the Grand Staircase area. Then, go all the way down the stairs to the southeast, and you’ll find yourself in an area with red brick walls. Now go to the bigger painting on the left side, the one with a bunch of fruits, and interact with it to open it like a door.

Head inside and go to the east side of the room to find the last trunk on a small table next to a pile of pots. Don’t forget to check your minimap for the Chest icon if you have problems finding the collectible. It’s also worth mentioning that you can find 2 of the Great Hall Field Guide Pages in the same room.

How To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Great Hall Collection Chests Collectibles
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