Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest: Where To Find The Missing Pages

by Vlad
February 12, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest is the last quest of the fourth chapter in the video game published by Warner Bros. Games, and it continues your search for the missing pages.

As you remember from the previous main quest, Richard Jackdaw took the pages from Peeves, but he died while carrying them.

Luckily, Richard remembers where he died, and he agreed to show you the way to the cave where his body is found; thus, you’ll be able to recover the pages, provided you successfully navigate the cave.

Jackdaw’s Rest in Hogwarts Legacy is a rather long quest involving a series of puzzles you’ll have to solve, especially if you wish to find all Treasure Chests.

Since the cave you are about to explore is rich in loot (gear) before starting the Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest quest, you should increase your inventory size.

Furthermore, you’ll use the Accio Spell to solve most of the puzzles, so before starting his quest, make sure you equip it.

When ready, let’s start the quest by finding Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest.

Where To Find Richard Jackdaw At The Forbidden Forest

At the end of the previous quest, Richard Jackdaw agrees to meet you at the Forbidden Forest, just west of Hogsmeade. Specifically, he’ll wait for you south of the East North Hogwarts Region Floo Flame.

If you unlocked the Floo Flame, use it to fast-travel. If not, you’ll have to get there on foot, using the path marked on your minimap while tracking the Jackdaw’s Rest quest.

Eventually, you’ll see Richard waiting for you by a large tree.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Walkthrough

When talking to Richard, he’ll tell you that he will guide you to the cave, but he’ll remain behind because he is not too happy to see the location where he died.

Furthermore, he’ll offer a clue to help you get inside the cave. This clue is a birdbath that marks the cave’s entrance. Since the cave is locked by a spell, you’ll have to use a password when you find the birdbath. That password is Intra Muros, and it translates into Within the Walls.

For the next part of the quest, you’ll need to stay close to Richard and follow him as he progresses through the forest.

If you get lost, press Up on your DPad, and the golden whisps will help you get back to Richard. Once you reach the next Floo Flame, Richard will ask you to continue alone.

So, follow the path on the right side (northeast) of the Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Guide

Where To Find The Cave Where Richard Jackdaw Died

As you progress down the path marked above, pay attention to the minimap and follow the route marked by the yellow dots.

Eventually, you’ll reach a lake; then, you’ll need to follow the road northwest to get to a small clearing.

Turn left, and you’ll see the entrance to the cave.

Now, you’ll want to activate Jackdaw’s Tomb Floo Flame, then whisper the password.

To whisper the password in Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest quest, approach the fountain in front of the cave’s entrance and press (▢) – PS / (X) – Xbox. Stay alert, though, because you’ll get ambushed by several Loyalist Warriors the moment you try to enter the cave.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Whisper Password

Deal with them first, then head inside through the purple portal.

Where To Find The Missing Pages In Jackdaw’s Rest Cave

Before venturing forth, it is recommended to have the following spells equipped:

  • Accio – used to solve the plates puzzles
  • Incendio – used to deal with the spiders

Great, so now that you are inside Jackdaw’s Cave, the path toward the missing pages will be marked on your map. If you follow it, you’ll complete the quest faster but miss a lot of Treasure Chests and gear.

Because of this, we’ll go the extra mile with our Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest walkthrough and guide you to all chests locations while also explaining how to get to them.

So, from the entrance, progress through the cave until you reach a locked gate. Before solving the puzzle, go left around the corner and up the hill to find a pouch with Galleons on the ground. Pick it up, then head back to the locked gate.

First Locked Door Puzzle Solution

To open the first locked door in Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest Cave, cast Revelio (Left on your DPad), and you’ll notice three purple plates.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Locked Door Puzzle Solution

The puzzle is fairly easy to solve because you must use your Basic Cast to hit all three plates pictured above.

The order is not important, but you’ll have to do it fast, so consider marking the first one on the left by pressing the Left Thumbstick, then press R2/RT for Basic Cast. The target will jump to the second one and then to the third plate.

After opening the first door, keep following the tunnel ahead until you reach a spider web you can burn using Incendio.

Deal with the Thornback spiders in the next area, then squeeze through the northern hole to reach a large room with even more Thornbacks.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Cave Guide

This part of the cave features one large treasure chest and a bag (right side near the wall as you enter). Loot both of them, then crawl back to the previous tunnel and head south.

First Floating Platform Puzzle Solution

Drop to the lower floor of the next section, then turn right (west) to notice another room where you should see a floating platform.

By solving the puzzle in this area, you’ll be able to reach more Treasure Chests. So, when you enter this section, head right and climb the small hill to spot a chest near some Moonstone Crystals.

Open the chest, head back to the top of the hill, and cast Accio to pull the suspended platform towards you.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Cave Plates Puzzle Guide

Jump on it, then cast Accio to pull yourself and the platform you are standing on to the other side of the cave. Unlock the large Treasure Chest, get the Galleons on the ground, and then return to the previous room. Now, head back to the main tunnel and head east, dealing with the spiders that ambush you.

Jackdaw’s Rest Cave Second Locked Door Puzzle Solution

At the end of the next tunnel, you’ll find the second locked door. Following the same logic as the previous gate, to unlock the second Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest locked door, you must use Basic Cast on the three seals:

  • The first one is around the left corner
  • The second one is on the stone pillar
  • The third is close to the door
Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Cave Locked Door Puzzle Solution

Hit the plates marked above using Basic Cast in any order you like but try to be fast because there is a time that triggers the moment you hit the first seal.

After opening the second door, push forward but pay attention to the right side because there is a dead end where you’ll find some Galleons and a bag on the ground.

Pick them up, then crawl under the stone wall to enter the next section. Now, you’ll want to hug the right side and climb the stone wall to find another chest. After you pick it up, continue your detour, and drop to the main tunnel.

Great job! Head south now, and you’ll reach a large gap.

Second Floating Plates Puzzle Solution

Luckily there is a floating platform that will help you cross the gap, but you’ll also have to explore both sides of the cave.

So, while standing on the edge (pictured below), pull the platform towards you using Accio.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Suspended Platform Puzzle Guide

After pulling the platform, jump on it, but turn east. Pull yourself towards the eastern wall using Accio, and grab the chest waiting for you near the cave wall.

Return to the suspended platform and cast Accio to pull yourself toward the western wall while standing on it.

In the next tunnel on the right side, there is a chest behind a spider web you can burn using Incendio.

Open it, follow the southern tunnel, and deal with the Thornback Hatchlings. When you reach the other side, a large chest is waiting for you.

After you find it, retrace your steps to the suspended platform, jump on it, and pull yourself toward the southern side of the cave.

After dealing with the Spiders in the next area, a Chest is waiting for you in plain sight on a small ledge.

Open it while following the main tunnel, which leads to the largest section of the cave.

When you reach this area, hug the right wall and enter the southern room with another suspended platform.

Hogwarts Legacy Third Floating Platform Puzzle Solution

When you enter the room, head right, climb the small hill, jump on the platform, and pull yourself toward the northeastern wall.

Next, pull yourself east while standing on the platform, then turn right (south) to spot a small entrance in the upper wall. Open the chest and collect the Galleons from the bookshelf, then return to the suspended plate and pull yourself toward the northern wall below.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Cave Suspended Platform Puzzle Guide

Be advised that there is another small section on the right side as you advance. Make sure you interrupt (release) your Accio Spell when close to it because there are two chests waiting for you.

After you reach the upper room pictured above, collect the Potions and the Galleons from the bookshelves, then jump to the ground floor and head west.

Once you return to the large cave room, there is another chest waiting for you on the ground near the western wall.

After you open it, follow the northwestern path that will eventually lead you to the third gate you need to open. But first, you must deal with more spiders, of course. The last chest in the cave is found under one of the seals you’ll have to hit with your Basic Cast.

Jackdaw’s Cave Third Locked Door Puzzle Solution

To unlock the third and last Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Cave locked door, once again, you’ll need to hit three seals with your Basic Cast, but this time around, the seals require a specific position.

Place yourself on the ground floor, in front of the stone arch, and make sure you can hit all three seals as fast as possible.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Cave Locked Gate Puzzle Solution

After you unlock the third gate in the cave, you’ll be able to cross the bridge ahead.

In the next large room, you’ll see Richard Jackdaw’s corpse waiting for you. Stay alert, though, because the moment you retrieve the missing pages, the guardians nearby will attack. There are also two chests in this room.

One is on the left side as you enter, while the second is on the right side. Loot them, then defeat the Ancient Defenders.

With the Pensieve Sentries out of the way, step through the purple portal, and you’ll start a cutscene showing a small flood. This is one of the security measures set by Percival Rackham, but since you are one of those who can use Ancient Magic, you’ll be safe.

While in the bubble, cross the hallway ahead, and you’ll finally get to talk to Percival.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Portrait

While talking to Percival by interacting with the portrait above, he’ll tell you more about your talents, but first, you must show him the book. Which, as you may remember, is in Fig’s possession.

So even if you have the pages, you still need the book to show Percival that you are who you claim to be. Meanwhile, ask him about the Map Chamber you have discovered and if he is a seer.

Finally, tell Percival that you’ll return with the book, and you’ll be able to spend the first points on your talents.

To complete the quest, the last objective requires you to exit the Map Chamber. The exit is on the western side via a large door.

Head outside, follow the main hallway, then the stairs leading up to the Dungeons area. Now keep following the stairs up, and when you exit the iron gate, Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest quest ends.

It is worth knowing that once you finish this quest, you’ll unlock the Flying Class main quest, allowing you to access and upgrade the flying broom.

Last but not least, the Follow The Butterflies and Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 side quests also unlock at the end of Jackdaw’s Rest.

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