Hogwarts Legacy Beeting A Curse Marmaduke’s Crest

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February 14, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Beeting A Curse is one of the tragicomic side quests available in the latest Harry Potter-inspired video game. Samantha Dale’s brother, William, ignored her warning and explored Marmaduke’s sarcophagus, ending up with purple beets as feet.

Even though William is a stubborn little brother, he doesn’t deserve such a fate to last forever, so you’ll have to help him.

To unlock the Beeting A Curse Side Quest, you’ll have to progress with the story until you’ve completed Charles Rookwood’s Trial Main Quest and Summoner’s Court: Match 2 Side Quest, where you’ll make acquaintance with Samantha Dale.

Then, find Samantha Dale in the Greenhouses as part of The Library Annex in Hogwarts Castle and talk to her.

Hogwarts Legacy Beeting A Curse Side Quest Starting Location

When you talk to Samatha, you will find her distressed about her brother being cursed. She will explain that her brother ignored her warning and ended up with his feet turned into purple beets. This happened because of the curse on their ancestor, Marmaduke Dale’s tomb.

The curse can be broken if the crest stolen from Marmaduke is returned to its rightful place. Then, Samantha will ask you to help by taking the crest to Marmaduke’s sarcophagus.

How To Enter the Dale Family Tomb

The Dale Family Tomb can be found east of the hamlet named Brocburrow. You can also see the exact location on the map below. Fast travel to the Brocburrow Floo Flame and hop on your flying broom to quickly get to the Dale Family Tomb.

Beeting A Curse Dale Family Tomb Location

How To Return Marmaduke’s Crest

After you enter the Dale Family Tomb, follow the linear path until Devil’s Snare blocks your way. Cast the spell Lumos to clear the path of the Devil’s Snare.

Beeting A Curse Devils Snare

After you pass the Devil’s Snare and slide down the slope, you’ll find yourself in an arena with The Riparian Troll, one of the 4 Hogwarts Valley Infamous Foes. The Riparian Troll is similar to the one we saw during Troll Control Side Quest, where Alexandra tried to train such a monster to protect her hamlet.

You can check the guide mentioned above for the best tips and tricks to defeat the troll. Once you’ve defeated The Riparian Troll, crouch through the gap southeast to reach Marmaduke’s sarcophagus.

Crest of Marmaduke Gilbertus Dale Sarcophagus

Press the interaction button to place the crest back on Marmaduke’s sarcophagus to reverse the curse. Now, to leave the Dale Family Tomb, crouch through the gap back to the arena and climb the ledge on the southwest part.

Use Revelio by pressing DPad Left to reveal the few treasures along the way. Use Depulso learned during Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 to clear the stones blocking the path and follow the linear path to the exit.

Once outside, use the fast-travel to quickly get back to Samatha Dale. She will let you know that the curse has been reversed, and her brother’s feet are back to normal.

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