Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Infamous Foe Location Guide

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April 11, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Infamous Foe or Silvanus Selwyn is a level 37 powerful enemy you must defeat if you aim for 100% completion in the southernmost area of the open world. Silvanus Selwyn is located in the Bandit Camp Castle, meaning he will be surrounded by many mobs, making your battle even harder.

However, the toughness of the fight depends mainly on your level and on the difficulty level you choose when starting the game. Defeating Infamous Foes also allows you to complete Combat Challenges, unlocking cool cosmetics.

Where To Find the Clagmar Coast Infamous Foe in Hogwarts Legacy

To find the Infamous Foe, you should check the Clagmar Coast map below, where we’ve marked his exact location.

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Infamous Foe Location Map

As you can see, Silvanus Selwyn is waiting for you in Clagmar Castle, and to quickly reach him, you can use the nearby Floo Flame. It’s worth mentioning that the Bandit Camp Castle also holds 2 of the 5 Clagmar Coast Collection Chests. Look for Silvanus Selwyn near the big campfire in the middle of the camp.

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Infamous Foe Location

How to Defeat Silvanus Selwyn

It would be best to first focus on the minions and charge your Ancient Magic Meter in the process, as you’ll need the big damage spells to take down the Infamous Foe faster. Now, throw everything you got at Silvanus Selwyn, like Ancient Magic, and then damage spells to finish him up.

Also, don’t forget to dodge his attacks because he hits pretty hard. It can be a tough fight, but we’re sure you’ll come out of it victorious eventually, getting some loot and 150 XP in the process.

How To Defeat Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Infamous Foe

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