Hogwarts Legacy The Headmistress Speaks Quest Walkthrough

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February 23, 2023

The Headmistress Speaks is a short, dialogue-focused main quest featured in Hogwarts Legacy, the video game published by Warner Bros. Games, and it allows you to share your latest discoveries with Professor Niamh Fitzgerald or the third Keeper.

While short, The Headmistress Speak main quest rewards 260 XP upon completion and sets the stage for the third Trial you’ll have to complete to find the truth behind Isidora Morganach and the Ancient Magic only few can use. Hogwarts Legacy Headmistress Speaks is a mandatory quest to progress the story as a fifth-year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Where To Find Professor Niamh Fitzgerald in the Headmistress Speaks

To be able to start The Headmistress Speaks in Hogwarts Legacy, first, you’ll need to complete the previous quest named It’s All Gobbledegook and find Ranrok’s plans on building the repositories. Furthermore, you must reach Level 23 before being able to talk to Professor Niamh Fitzgerald.

Assuming you have already reached the required character level, after talking to Lodgok, you’ll want to open your Field Guide Map and then navigate to the Hogwarts Map. Next, from the list of Floo Flames on the left side of your screen, you’ll want to pick Secret Rooms, followed by The Map Chamber.

After you fast-travel to The Map Chamber, you’ll see Professor Niamh Fitzgerald’s portrait on the left side of the room, next to Charles Rookwood.

Hogwarts Legacy The Headmistress Speaks Walkthrough

Approach the portrait and interact with it to start the conversation with the third Keeper and tell her about the plans you found in the Mine’s Eye during the previous quest.

When you tell Niamh Fitzgerald about the drills built by Goblins to find the next repository, she’ll be pretty disturbed and explain that the repositories are similar to the one you saw at Rookwood Castle while looking for Charles Rookwood’s Trial.

At this point, Niamh Fitzgerald will reveal the location of the third Trial. Surprisingly, Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial is inside the Castle. As you are about to see, this Trial is less complicated than the previous ones, and instead of puzzles, it’s focused on stealth gameplay.

While less complex, to be able to enter and play Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial, as you are about to find from Niamh Fitzgerald, you’ll need to gain access to the Headmaster’s office.

After Niamh Fitzgerald tells you about her Trial’s location, she’ll ask you to meet her inside Professor Black’s office. Getting inside the said office is not an easy job, and you’ll need help from Professor Fig. Now, The Polyjuice Plot main quest starts, and you should focus on it because it’s very accessible and quite amusing.

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