Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Antechamber Puzzle Solutions

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February 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section is the third quest of the third chapter in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and it revolves around finding a book after solving the Secret Of The Antechamber. Secrets Of The Restricted Section is also the most important main quest you’ll have to complete in Chapter 3, and it will require all the knowledge you have accumulated as a wizard/witch up to this point.

While playing the Secrets Of The Restricted Section quest, you’ll also unlock Disillusionment, one of the 34 Hogwarts Legacy Spells, progress the story, and earn 260 XP.

Where To Find Professor Fig’s Classroom

As you remember from the previous quest, after you unlock Incendio by completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, you’ll also learn how to equip or switch between Spells. So, when Secrets Of The Restricted Section starts, you’ll be in Professor Hecat’s Defence Against The Dark Arts Classroom.

Your first objective is to get to Professor Fig’s Classroom in the Astronomy Wing. Suppose you have unlocked the corresponding Floo Flame, fast-travel to the Classroom. If not, pick the closest Floo Flame you unlocked, press Up on your DPad while tracking the quest, and follow the Field Compass or the golden whisps to reach Fig’s Classroom.

Upon entering the Classroom, visit Fig’s study on top of the stairs on the other side.

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Walkthrough

When you enter the study, if the Professor is missing, press Square/X to wait for him, and when he returns, talk to him. Professor Fig tells you that he is ready to investigate the Library with you, but he is interrupted by Professor Black, who requires his presence.

Specifically, Professor Black has a task for Fig, so our friendly teacher recommends you postpone your visit to the Restricted Section. Obviously, you won’t listen to him, but going alone is not an option. So, the next objective is to find a companion. If you play as a Gryffindor House member, this will likely be Sebastian of the Slytherin House.

To progress the quest, you’ll need to find your companion. Regardless of his/her name, you’ll find your friend in The Astronomy Wing. Just follow your compass. After talking to Sebastian, he’ll ask for an explanation of what happened in Hogsmeade. Specifically, he wants to know about Victor Rookwood.

Even though your answer won’t affect the story, if you want to play safe, answer with “I’m -not entirely certain.” Sebastian agrees to help you enter the Library Restricted Section, but you must do it at night. Feel free to ask him what happens if you get caught, then agree to meet him at night.

This will automatically fast-forward the time, and you’ll wake up in the Central Hall where your companion is waiting. After talking to your friend, you’ll learn that the next part in the Secrets Of The Restricted Section involves some stealth gameplay, meaning you’ll want to avoid being spotted.

Luckily, one of the Spells available is Disillusionment, which makes you invisible. While not as powerful as Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cape, the Disillusionment will be enough to get you to the Restricted Section. But first, you’ll have to learn it. As usual, the puzzle you must solve to unlock the Disillusionment Charm follows the same logic as all other puzzles you have played up to this point.

Hogwarts Legacy Disillusionment Charm Unlock Puzzle

Make sure you steer your wand (blue) with the Left Thumbstick following the pattern on the right side. Move as fast as possible and press the corresponding buttons on the screen when your wand reaches them.

After learning the Disillusionment Charm, you’ll have to equip it. So press Right on your DPad and replace one of the Spells you already have. Now, cast the Disillusionment Charm by pressing R2/RT and the button corresponding to the slot you have used to equip the spell.

How To Sneak Into the Library

Once you become invisible, it’s worth knowing that the Disillusionment Charm remains active until you are detected. So don’t attack anyone, and try to avoid all characters you are about to encounter. To sneak into the Library in Hogwarts Legacy, follow the stairs down and enter the door near the two Prefects.

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Guide

Once inside, head left behind the bookcase to have a small chat with your companion. The plan is to avoid the Librarian and get the key from her desk while Sebastian creates a distraction.

The Librarian’s Des Key Location

After you agree to your companion’s plan, cast the Disillusionment Charm again and wait for the Librarian to move away from her desk. Hide behind the small bookshelf on the right side of the front desk. Now, quickly go behind the Librarian’s desk and wait for your companion to create the distraction. You’ll see Agnes Scribner moving away, looking for Peeves.

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Librarian Desk Key

With Agnes away from her desk, check the drawer to retrieve the Library Key. Now, cross the Libray and move to the other side of the room while avoiding Agnes Scribner, then turn right to find your companion behind a bookshelf. Unlock the grated gate on the right side and follow the stairs down. Upon reaching the lower floor, you’ll trigger a small tutorial on how to lure/distract authority figures and enemies.

Where To Find the Restricted Section Book

To progress the quest and find the book, first, you’ll have to deal with a ghost found around the left corner. As such, aim for the armor on the left side and use Basic Cast (R2/RT) to distract the ghost.

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section How To Distract Enemies

Wait for the ghost to get close to the armor you destroyed, then move around the corner and the ghost. Now that the path is clear, head northwest and descend to another floor. At this point, you can remove the Disillusionment Charm and explore the floor ahead. When ready to progress with the current quest, head southeast to enter the basement.

As you explore the basement, you’ll eventually reach a dead end and get to know Peeves. Being caught by Peeves is not good, so at this point, your companion will depart and try to catch up with the annoying ghost. No matter what you choose when talking to your friend, it will not stop him/her from leaving.

So focus on your task for now and cast Reparo on the pile of metal in front of you. Remember to equip the spell if needed by pressing Right on your DPad. In the next area, the path becomes linear, so follow the spiral staircase, and when you reach the lower floor, investigate the magic pool on the ground in front of the stone gate.

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Quest Guide

Upon investigating the traces of Ancient Magic, head through the portal, then follow the stairs down to enter the Atheneum.

How To Discover the Secret of the Antechamber

Inside the Antechamber, you’ll have to navigate several sections and get ready to fight to the other side. The enemies you’ll encounter are accessible, especially since you can access many Spells. Each Section features a small puzzle, and our walkthrough covers all of them.

To solve the first Hogwarts Legacy Antechamber puzzle or progress through the first area, use Basic Cast (R2/RT) while aiming (press and hold L2/LT) at the seal above the door.

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Antechamber Puzzle

After dealing with the Pensieve Sentries and Sentinels in the next two areas, you’ll see another seal above the arched gate. Aim for it and use Basic Cast (R2/RT), but be advised that this time the plates are moving. To reach the other side, place yourself on the edge before hitting the seal, sprint (hold down the Left Thumbstick), then jump when close to the other side.

Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Antechamber Puzzle Solution

Follow the linear path and get to the third Antechamber puzzle. This time, start by hitting the switch above the third arched door, then step on the moving tiles. While standing at the edge of the moving platform, use Basic Cast to hit the seal again and move forward when the tiles spawn.

Now, you’ll reach the last Antechamber room where more Pensieve Sentries and Sentinels await. Deal with them first, then head through the next door to find a large chamber with a Pensieve in the middle. Approach the Pensieve and interact with it to trigger a cutscene showing Niamh Fitzgerald, Percival Reckham, Charles Rookwood, and San Bakar helping some villagers after their settlement was affected by drought.

From this cutscene, you can learn that Percival Reckham used Ancient Magic to help the villagers, but a little girl spotted him. Like Percival Reckham and you, the little girl could see Ancient Magic. During the second cutscene, you’ll find out that the girl’s name is Isidora Morganach, and she joined Hogwarts as a fifth-year student, just like you. What happened to her remains to be seen.

After the cutscenes end, you’ll be brought back to the Library and find your companion, who is being sanctioned by Agnes Scribner. Don’t worry, though, because he/she won’t tell Agnes you were involved.

Now, Secrets Of The Restricted Section ends, and it’s time to report to Fig as part of the next story quest named Tomes and Tribulations.

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