Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Merlin Trial Solutions

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April 12, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials are mandatory for achieving 100% completion in the southernmost area and getting a step closer to unlocking Merlin’s Beard! Trophy/Achievement. Solving Merlin Trials will also complete Challenges that will reward you with upgrades for your inventory. However, before solving Merlin Trials, you must complete the Trials Of Merlin main quest and get some Mallowsweet Leaves.

The leaves can be grown in the Room of Requirement, presuming you’ve already bought the Mallowsweet Seed Recipe from the Magic Neep shop in Hogsmeade.

Where To Find the Five Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

To start the puzzles, you must first know where to find the Merlin Trial altars in the Clagmar Coast region; thus, we’ve marked their locations on the following map.

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials Locations Map

Merlin Trial #1: Next to a Big Tree

The first Clagmar Coast Merlin Trial altar is next to a big tree on the north side of the area. Upon reaching the first location marked on our map, start the Trial by interacting with the altar, then look around for three stones with diamond-shaped holes. The rocks are close to the altar, and if you cast Revelio, they will get highlighted. Now look for three groups of green fireflies, which you must bring to the stones to solve the puzzle.

One group of fireflies is next to the wooden platform southwest of the altar, another southeast, and the last north.

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials Locations

To make the fireflies follow you, cast Lumos near them. So, drop down and gather all the fireflies, then go to the wooden platform. Next, cast Depulso while aiming at the mechanism next to the platform, then quickly cast Lumos again for the fireflies and get on the platform, which is an elevator that will get you back up to the altar. Go to each stone to place the fireflies, and the puzzle is solved.

Merlin Trial #2: On a Beach

For the second Clagmar Coast Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy, you must fast-travel to the South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame. You’ll find the altar on the beach beside the fast travel point. Once you’ve started the Trial, get on the nearby dock and head south. When you reach the end of the dock, face south to see what remains of two stone statues.

Now cast Reparo while aiming at each pile of stones to repair the two statues. If you look west, you’ll see a third pile of stones on which you must also use Reparo. After you repair all three statues, the Trial is completed.

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials Altars Locations

Merlin Trial #3: In a Puddle

The third Merlin Trial can be solved east of the previous altar at the third location marked on the map above. When you reach the spot, you’ll see Altar #3 in a puddle, and you must interact with it, then look for five stones that get highlighted if you cast Revelio.

To see all the stones, I suggest you get on your Broom and position yourself above the huge skeleton southeast of the altar, as shown in the following image. To solve the puzzle, you must destroy all five rocks with the Confringo spell.

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials Solutions

Merlin Trial #4: Near Some Haystacks

The next Trial will take you northeast of the third Merlin Altar. Look for the fourth Merlin altar near some haystacks at the location pinpointed on our map. Then start the Trial and cast Revelio facing south to highlight nine balls, each sitting on a pillar. Destroy all nine balls with basic attacks to solve the puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials Puzzles Solutions

Merlin Trial #5: Near Some Ruins

Finally, the last Clagmar Coast Merlin Trial altar is near some ruins east of the Clagmar Castle Floo Flame. Once you’ve found the altar, you can start the Trial and look nearby for three stones that get highlighted when you cast Revelio. Note that each stone is made out of two parts.

How To Solve All Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Coast Merlin Trials

For the last puzzle, you need to use the Flipendo spell to flip the top parts of the stones so that the symbols on them match the ones on the bottom pieces. It’s important to know that the way the top parts flip depends entirely on your position toward them when casting Flipendo. Therefore, choose one of the stones and practice with Flipendo to better understand how it works.

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