Hogwarts Legacy Birds of a Feather Gwyneira the Diricawl Location

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February 25, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Birds Of A Feather is a rescue side quest in which you’ll help Marianne Moffett from Maruween Hamlet, who’s trying to find and rescue a particular Diricawl. When you speak with Marianne Moffett, she seems more interested in the bird’s feathers than her safety, so you will be given the option to keep her at the end of the quest.

Birds Of A Feather Side Quest becomes available after progressing the main story until you’ve finished Tomes And Tribulations Main Quest. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to complete the side quest until you unlock the Nab-Sack Utility Spell during The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And The Loom Main Quest later in the game.

To start the Birds Of A Feather Quest, head to the southern part of the World Map and visit the Marunweem hamlet in the Marunweem Lake Region. It is recommended to unlock the flying broom first to get there quickly.

Hogwarts Legacy Birds Of A Feather Side Quest Starting Location

Once you get there, speak with the woman feeding the chickens to begin the quest.

How To Go to the Diricawl Den at Night

After speaking with Marianne Moffett and agreeing to help rescue Gwyneira from the poachers, a quest marker for the Diricawl Den will be placed northwest of here. You must visit this den during the nighttime for Gwyneira to appear. Therefore, if it’s daylight, you must advance time by accessing the map screen and pressing the (R3)/(RS). Go to the marked location to reach the Diricawl Den and advance time to nighttime.

Birds Of A Feather Diricawl Den Location

How to Rescue Gwyneira the Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy

When you reach the Diricawl Den marked with a purple area, equip and cast the Disillusionment spell learned during Secrets of the Restricted Section Main Quest to avoid scaring them off. Gwyneira should be easy to identify after dark because her feathers are a dazzling white.

Also, when you lock the target onto her, she will be labeled Gwyneira the Diricawl at the top of the screen rather than just Diricawl like the other birds in the den.

Gwyneira the Diricawl Location

To rescue Gwyneira the Diricawl, lock on to her and use the Nab Sack Utility Spell as you do with any other beast. Depending on your difficulty settings, you can catch the bird just by casting Nab Sack Spell, or you’ll have to go through four stages. If you are playing on normal difficulty, it is recommended to cast Glacius or Arresto Momentum first to hold the bird in one place while going through all four stages and holding the interaction button.

Birds Of A Feather Gwyineira the Diricawl Rescue

Birds of a Feather Best Dialogue Choice

After capturing Gwyneira, fast-travel to the Floo Flame in Marunweem and speak with Marianne Moffett. She’ll request that you hand over Gwyneira, at which time you will be given three dialogue options to choose from.

Birds Of A Feather Dialogue Options
  • Giving Gwyneira Marrianne will reward you with 300 Galleons
  • Choosing the “It will cost you.” dialogue option will reward you with 500 Galleons.
  • If you choose to keep Gwyneira the Diricawl and take it to your Room of Requirement, you will not receive any money, but it will result in Marianne revealing her real character and cussing you out, which can be pretty funny.

Besides whatever dialogue option you choose, you’ll be rewarded with 180 XP and the Debonair Socialite Ensemble gear appearance.

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