Hogwarts Legacy Weasley After Class: Dialogue Choices

Written by Vlad Susanu
February 8, 2023

Weasley After Class is the fourth main quest available in Hogwarts Legacy and the fourth objective you’ll have to complete during your first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Furthermore, the Hogwarts Legacy Weasley After Class is the shortest quest in the first chapter of the game, so you should not expect any rewards for completing it.

Basically, the Weasley After Class quest in Hogwarts Legacy involves only a short conversation with Professor Weasley.

Even though this quest involves a decision you’ll have to make, it is worth knowing that it will not change the upcoming events, nor will you miss any quests.

So let’s see how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Weasley After Class quest.

Where To Find Professor Weasley In The Transfiguration Classroom

To find Professor Weasley in the Transfiguration Classroom of Hogwarts Legacy, it’s best to start from the Central Hall in The Library Annex area.

You may remember the Central Hall since it was your starting location in both Charms Class and Defence Against the Dark Arts Class quests.

The said quests are mandatory for triggering the Weasley After Class quest, meaning you’ll have to complete both.

So, from the Central Hall area within Hogwarts, you’ll want to head southwest through the large wooden door.

Hogwarts Legacy Weasley After Class Walkthrough

If by any chance you encounter difficulties finding your way, remember to open your Field Guide and track the current quest.

Then press Up on your DPad and follow the golden whisps. Upon crossing the wooden door pictured above, you’ll reach the Transfiguration Courtyard.

Head west, go around the dragon statue, and cross the courtyard. Now you should be able to see the door leading to the Transfiguration Classroom below.

Approach it and press Square/X to start the Weasley After Class quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Weasley After Class Walkthrough

Upon entering the class, you’ll start a cutscene showing Professor Weasley and Deek, the house goblin.

Deek looks a lot like Dobby, and if you pay close attention to the cutscene, you’ll learn that Deek and Weasley talk about a secret room.

Since you interrupted their discussion, you won’t be able to learn more about the room just yet.

So focus on Weasley’s questions even though, as said, how you answer is not important for the events that will unfold.

Weasley After Class Dialogue Choices

If you want to play safe when Professor Weasley asks you about your adventure with Fig and the ruins you discovered, answer with, “Hasn’t Professor Fig said anything?”

This way, you’ll pass the answer without lying Weasley. Now Professor Weasley will tell you that he asked your teachers to intensify your training. Something you already know from Professor Ronen.

Professor Weasley will tell you that Ronen is waiting for you outside (Professor Ronen’s Assignment triggers now) and that she wants to know who you would like to accompany you to Hogsmeade.

As a member of the Gryffindor House, you’ll get to choose between Natsai Onai (your rival in the Charms Class mini-game) and Sebastian Sallow (your duel rival in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Class).

Hogwarts Legacy Weasley After Class Dialogue Choices

While the Weasley After Class choice in Hogwarts Legacy may seem essential for the story, it is not.

This choice won’t change the events or events that occur in Hogsmeade. The companion you pick won’t block any events either. So feel free to choose whoever you want to be able to trigger Welcome to Hogsmeade.

After choosing your partner, Professor Weasley will tell you that while in Hogsmeade, it’s best to avoid Victor Rookwood and Theophilus Harlow.

If you wonder who Victor Rookwood is in Hogwarts Legacy, then you should know that he is Augustus Rookwood’s ancestor. Augustus was one of Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters and a Dark Wizard.

Theophilus Harlow is Victor Rookwood’s right hand, a member of the Rookwood Gang, and, as you are about to find, one of your rivals.

So now that you know some of your enemies, it’s time to leave the Transfiguration Classroom and follow Professor Weasley’s advice.

First, complete Professor Ronen’s Assignment, then travel to Hogsmeade as part of the next main quest named Welcome to Hogsmeade.

If you need help with these two quests, refer to our guides or pick other side quests from our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub.

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