Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand Moonstone Door Puzzle Solution

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February 28, 2023

A Bird In The Hand is the seventh Hogwarts Legacy relationship quest as part of Poppy Sweeting’s questline, in which you’ll find and rescue the Snidgets. But before you get to the Snidget Sanctuary, you’ll have to solve a few puzzles, some of which are pretty challenging.

Completing A Bird In The Hand Quest will reward you with only 180 XP, but you’ll be one step closer to unlocking the Beast Friends Trophy/Achievement.

How To Unlock a Bird in the Hand in Hogwarts Legacy

To unlock A Bird In The Hand Quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must complete Poppy’s previous quests until you’ve finished It’s In The Stars. This means you’ll have to advance the main storyline until you’ve completed the fourth trial during San Bakar’s Trial Main Quest. Then, Poppy will send you an owl to meet her and Dorran southwest of Brocburrow. We’ve marked her location on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Bird in the Hand Quest Location Map

Fast-travel to Brocburrow Floo Flame, head southeast into the forest to the quest starting location, and talk to Poppy Sweeting to begin the A Bird In The Hand Quest.

How To Complete a Bird in the Hand Quest

After speaking with Poppy, follow the quest marker inside the ruins ahead and listen to Dorran. Once he finishes his speech, you’ll have to solve the Moonstone puzzle to unlock the round door with symbols around it.

Bird in the Hand Moonstone puzzle location

How To Enter The Ruins

First, place the Scholars’ Moonstone on the pillar inside the two circles. Doing so will turn on the lights on the other two pillars. Now, looking around the door, you’ll see two symbols glowing: a sun and a key with a dot in the circle. Be careful because another symbol looks almost the same but without the dot.

The trick to open the door is to position both pillars in specific locations to make the two symbols you’ve seen glowing around the door shine on the ground as well. To move these pillars, you’ll have to cast Accio, learned during Charms Class Main Quest, on the handles around them.

For the pillar on the inner circle, pull and place it on the small circle between the symbol that looks like a sickle and the symbol that looks like a cross attached to a crescent. This will make the sun symbol shine on the ground.

Bird in the Hand Moonstone puzzle solution in Hogwarts Legacy

For the pillar on the outer circle, move it to the small circle between the symbol that looks like a key (without the dot) and the symbol that resembles the Assassin’s Creed logo. This will make the key symbol with a dot in the circle glow on the ground, which will also open the door.

Moonstone puzzle solution during Bird in the Hand quest

After the door opens, go through and enter The Gilded Perch to progress the A Bird In The Hand Quest.

Where To Find The Snidgets

Go straight ahead to a small library area and open the chest. Turn around and proceed into the right-hand hallway. On the left side of the hallway, light the brazier in front of the statue using Confringo or Incendio to reveal a treasure chest.

Use a fire spell to ignite the brazier.

After opening the chest, enter the next room with trees growing through the floor. While looking north on the upper floor, you’ll see a crate. Cast Accio to pull it down.

Pull down the crate on the balcony.

Use Wingardium Levioso to place it against the blue wall and cast Levioso on it to make it float. Climb the crate, then the ledge above to reach the upper floor. Up here, you’ll find a few gold pouches and one of the Hogwarts Valley Collection Chests. Jump down and head east. On the left side, you’ll see a pile of rocks blocking a doorway. Use Bombarda or Depulso to clear these rocks and enter the dark hallway. Cast Lumos to navigate the hallway.

Destroy the rocks blocking the way with Depulso or Bomarda spells.

At the end of the hallway, you will find Devil’s Snare growing downward and a brazier next to it. Cast Confringo on the brazier to light it up and make the plant pullback. Climb the ledge into this small room, open the nearby chest, and retrace your steps outside.

Burn the weeds by casting Confringo or Incendio and continue ahead until you reach a dead-end with two plates with symbols on the ground. To continue further, you’ll have to solve a puzzle involving spell cubes, as we’ve seen in Henrietta’s Hideaway. The first cube can be found on a shelf behind the giant tree. Cast Accio to pull it from there and place it on the plate on the floor with the fire symbol.

Bring the cube in this image on the pedestal with the fire symbol.

For the second cube, use Wingardium Leviosa on the wooden crate and move it to the opposite side of the room. Then, cast Levioso on the crate and climb to the top to find the second cube.

Bring the second cube on the other balcony on the pedestal with an ice symbol.

Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the ice cube and place it on the plate with the same symbol. The final step to solve the puzzle is to cast Incendio on the fire cube and Glacius on the ice cube. Doing so will reveal three hidden doors in the wall behind the cubes.

After you Incendio on the fire symbol cube, and glacius on the ice symbol cube, the secret doors will open.

Go on to the next area and prepare yourself for a fight. When you reach the center of the room, several poachers will appear, and you must defeat them. Remember to throw anything around the room at them by pressing (R1)/(RB) to speed up the fight and dodge or block at the right time.

Whenever someone uses a shield to block, cast the same color spell on them to destroy their shield and then damage them with a combination of attacks. After the first wave of Ashwinders, Dorran, and Elek will show up and help you defeat them.

A cinematic image with Dooran and Elek.

Once you’ve defeated every Ashwinder, unlock the doors to the Snidget Sanctuary to trigger a heartwarming cutscene. At the end of the cutscene, you’ll complete the A Bird In The Hand in Hogwarts Legacy. Poppy Sweeting’s next and final relationship quest is Poppy Blooms.

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