Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets Secret Passage Guide

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February 9, 2023

Dissending For Sweets is a Hogwarts Legacy delivery side quest in which you’ll help your Potion Class colleague, Garreth Weasley, obtain an essential ingredient for his brew. To get the missing ingredient, you’ll have to venture through a secret passage leading to Honeydukes’ cellar, which is a bit puzzling.

But first, you’ll have to find the entrance to the secret passage, hidden behind a one-eyed witch statue.

To start the Dissending For Sweets Side Quest, advance the story until you finish the Potion Class Main Quest, where you’ll meet Garreth Weasley for the first time. Then, open the map, select The Great Hall black flag, and track the quest mentioned above given by Garreth Weasley. Follow the given route on the minimap to reach his location and speak to him to start the side quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Dissending For Sweets Quest Starting Location

One-Eyed Witch Statue Location

To enter the secret passage, you will have to find the statue of the one-eyed witch. Follow the quest marker through the large door to the right of Garreth Weasley, then go up the stairs on the left. Then, follow the path south to find the one-eyed witch statue near the Faculty Tower Floo Flame.

Dissending For Sweets Statue Of The One-Eyed Witch

Press (▢)/(X) to interact and enter the secret passage.

How To Explore The Secret Passage

After you enter the secret passage, follow the linear path until you reach a broken lift. Cast the Reparo spell you’ve learned during Professor Ronen’s Assignment to repair the elevator. Enter the lift and pull the lever to go down. Go deeper into the passage until a giant spider web blocks your path. Use the spell Incendio you’ve learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 to remove the webs.

Now, cast the spell Levioso you learned during Defence Against The Dark Arts Class Main Quest on the platform to lift it.

Lift platform with Levioso.

Press (X)/(A) near the platform to climb it, then press again to climb the ledge. For the next part, cast Levioso again to lift the platform and jump over to continue further.

Cast Levioso to lift the platform below.

In the next section, cast Reparo to repair the platform, then cast Levioso to lift the platform and jump over to move on. Cast Incendio to burn the spider web, blocking the path ahead. For the following part, cast Reparo to repair the platform, cast the spell Accio learned during Charms Class Main Quest on the metal latch above the platform, and finally cast Levioso on the platform.

Cast Accio on the metal latch marked in this image.

Jump onto the platform and follow the linear path until you reach a stone bridge. On the other side of the stone bridge are two braziers and a stone pressure plate. Cast Incendio on both braziers to light them, then step on the pressure plate to open the door.

Light the fire braziers and step on the pressure plate.

Collect all the loot you find around the room, then climb the ladder leading to Honeydukes’ cellar.

Where To Find The Billywig Stings

Once in Honeydukes’ cellar, press DPad Left to cast Revelio and highlight the location of the Billywig stings. They can be found on a table near the stairs leading outside the cellar into the shop.

Dissending For Sweets Billywig Stings

Grab the Billywig stings off the table, then return to Garreth Weasley using the fast-travel options around Hogwarts. After you talk to him and give him the missing ingredient, you’ll receive Galleons, Conjuration Spellcraft, and 180XP.

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