Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Round 1 Duel Guide

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February 7, 2023

Crossed Wands Round 1 is one of the early Hogwarts Legacy side quests you can complete while exploring The South Wing of Hogwarts Castle. The quest becomes available after you finish Defence Against The Dark Arts Class, where you learn a new Control Spell named Levioso.

At the end of the above-mentioned main quest, you’ll speak with Sebastian Sallow, who will invite you into a secret dueling club, and you shall look for Lucan Brattleby near the Clock Tower Entrance to get started.

Where To Find Lucan Brattleby

Lucan Brattleby can be found in The South Wing part of Hogwarts Castle, near the Clock Tower Courtyard Foo Flame. Open the Map, go to The South Wing flag, select the Crossed Wands Round 1 side quest, and press (X) on your PlayStation Controller to track the quest. Follow the route on your minimap in the left corner to reach Lucan Brattleby, sitting in the corner of the room surrounded by weapons and armor.

Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Round 1 Lucan Brattleby Location

Talk to him to start the Crossed Wands Round 1 quest and initiate the duel.

How To Defeat Your Opponents

To complete this side quest, you must defeat the two opponents with your partner in a wand fight. But the opponents will have a Yellow Shield protecting them from Basic Cast attacks. To break these Yellow Shields, you’ll have to use the freshly learned spell during the Defence Against The Dark Arts Class Main Quest named Levioso, making them vulnerable to your Basic Cast attacks.

Defeat Your Opponents

Try to focus all your power and energy on one enemy to take him out as quickly as possible, then defeat the other with your duel partner to secure a quick and easy victory. Also, don’t forget to use the Essential Spell Protego when you see the glowing aura around your head to deflect the incoming spell casts by pressing (Triangle).

After you defeat both of them, a short cutscene will start showing Lucan Brattleby impressed by your performance and looking forward to seeing you battle again. You’ll also receive  180XP as a reward and unlock the next side quest in line, Crossed Wands Round 2.

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