Hogwarts Legacy Tower Tunnel: Where To Find All Collection Chests

by Vlad
February 24, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Tower Tunnel is a dungeon located on the eastern side of the Marunweem Lake region, and it includes two Collection Chests collectibles you’ll have to retrieve when you explore it as part of the main quest named In The Shadow Of The Mountain.

The Hogwarts Legacy Tower Tunnel Collection Chests count as the 15 Marunweem Lake Chests you’ll have to open to achieve 100% completion in the southeastern region.

As such, knowing where to find the two Collection Treasure Chests in the Tower Tunnel dungeon is mandatory for completionists.

Unlike the Collection Chests in The Coastal Mine, the ones hidden in the Tower Tunnel don’t require any special actions, which means that you can collect them the moment you enter this dungeon the first time. Let’s see where to look for both Chests.

Where To Find The Tower Tunnel In Hogwarts Legacy

The Tower Tunnel in Hogwarts Legacy, as you can see on the map below, is found on the eastern side of Marunweem Lake, specifically on top of a mountain.

Hogwarts Legacy Tower Tunnel Collection Chests

If you want to visit this dungeon while following the story, then you’ll have to play In The Shadow Of The Mountain; however, you can always return to this landmark if you miss the Collection Chests.

As said, the Tower Tunnel is found on top of a mountain, so you’ll have to clear several Goblin Camps to be able to enter the dungeon. Now, here is where to find the two Collection Chests.

Collection Chest #1: In A Tunnel Behind A Spider Web

The first Tower Tunnel Collection Chest is found close to the dungeon’s entrance. After you get inside, follow the main tunnel, and eventually, you’ll get to the first area where you’ll encounter some spiders.

Deal with them first, then after you clear the area, turn west, and you’ll see a wall of stones you can destroy by casting Depulso.

Once you do that, follow the path behind the wall, and climb the small hill on the left side. In front of you is a large bag you can loot. While facing it, turn right (northwest) to spot a tunnel.

Inside it, behind a spider web you can burn with Confringo, is the Collection Chest pictured below. This chest unlocks the Suits of Armor Decoration.

Hogwarts Legacy Tower Tunnel Collection Chests Locations

Collection Chest #2: In A Side Room Near The First Rune Door

The second Hogwarts Legacy Tower Tunnel Collection Chest is not far from the previous one.

To get it, you’ll have to navigate the dungeon until you reach a large hall where the first Rune Door is found. The door is impossible to miss because it has two seals next to it.

Again, after you deal with the spiders that ambush you, you’ll want to investigate the large hall.

Make sure that you check its northern side, and you’ll spot the Collection Treasure Chest in a side room. As you can see below, the entrance is covered by a spider web you’ll want to burn with a fire-based spell such as Confringo.

Hogwarts Legacy Tower Tunnel Collection Chests Collectibles Locations

By opening this chest, you’ll get your hands on the Blank Square Frame Decoration.

Now that you have found both Collection Chests, make sure you follow our Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Mountain walkthrough to find the remaining Treasure Chests and our Wiki Hub for all other collectibles in the latest Harry Potter-inspired video game.

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