Hogwarts Legacy A Friend In Deed: Where To Find Sirona’s Letter Box And Letters

February 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy A Friend In Deed is a side quest you can pick up in Hogsmeade after progressing with the main story and completing The Helm Of Urtkot.

In Friend In Deed, you need to retrieve a box full of old letters for Sirona Ryan, and while you’re at it, help her friend Dorothy Sprottle collect some ingredients for her supply of Wiggenweld Potions.

If you’ve completed the Brother’s Keeper side quest, you’ve already met Dorothy.

Anyway, if you run into any troubles while finishing the Hogwarts Legacy Friend In Deed side quest, make sure you check the walkthrough below.

How To Start A Friend In Deed In Hogwarts Legacy

To start the side quest, you need to make your way to the Three Broomsticks Inn in Hogsmeade.

You surely know the pub, it is the big building in the middle of the village.

Once inside the inn, find Sirona Ryan and talk to her.

Hogwarts Legacy Friend In Deed Walkthrough

Where To Find Dorothy Sprottle In Upper Hogsfield

The first objective in A Friend In Deed is to speak with Dorothy Sprottle, who is located in Upper Hogsfield, a hamlet north of Hogsmeade.

There is a Floo Flame you can use to fast travel that you might have unlocked right in Upper Hogsfield; if not, use the tracker you now have on your map to reach the hamlet.

Dorothy is a couple of meters north of the Floo Flame; she is the woman working the garden in front of a house you can see from the fast travel point.

Hogwarts Legacy Friend In Deed Guide

Where To Find The Cavern

Upon talking to Dorothy, you find out that you can help her and Sirona at the same time.

Sirona’s box of letters you need to complete Hogwarts Legacy A Friend In Deed is in a cavern southwest of Upper Hogsfield.

At the same cavern, you can gather the Horklumps that Dorothy needs.

That is if you don’t already have enough. If you do, you have to select the line “Believe it or not, I have some with me” while speaking with Dorothy.

The cave should also be marked on your map, and as you can see, it’s a short distance away.

After making your way to the cavern, you’ll find two Poacher Trackers (which you can easily take out) blocking your entrance.

Hogwarts Legacy Friend In Deed Cave Location

Once you’ve dealt with the mobs, you can start looking for the Horklump Juice; it looks like some weird purple mushrooms.

Hogwarts Legacy Friend In Deed Horklumps

If you don’t find enough in front of the cavern, don’t worry, there are plenty more inside.

Where To Find Sirona’s Letter Box And Letters

Now, you have to enter the cave and find Sirona’s belongings. Don’t forget to look for more Horklumps on the ground on your path.

In the cavern, go forward until you reach some branches blocking your progress.

You have to burn the branches using the Incendio spell, which you learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

Then go forward, ignore the water on the left side, jump over the gap, continue, and you’ll reach another obstacle.

You must use the Accio spell on the wooden boards to clear the way and advance in the Hogwarts Legacy Friend In Deed quest. You’ve learned this spell during the Charms Class Main Quest.

Head forward again, and you’ll soon encounter a Mountain Troll, which is a strong level 19 enemy, so be careful.

Now you have two options to continue, you either fight the troll or you avoid him.

If you choose to be sneaky, make sure you use the Disillusionment utility spell you’ve learned in the Secrets of the Restricted Section Main Quest.

Whatever method you choose, after dealing with the troll, you must go up the stairs to the south and through the gate.

Then pass another gap using the wooden boards as a bridge, continue, and crouch to pass through the hole.

On the other side, you’ll find Sirona’s letter box on the ground, and scattered around it, you’ll find 5 letters:

  • A letter to Sirona from her friend Mirabel
  • A letter to Sirona from her friend Sean
  • A letter to Sirona from her friend Philomena
  • A letter to Sirona from her friend Bess
  • A letter to Sirona from her friend Mrs Sprottle
Hogwarts Legacy Friend In Deed Sirona's Letter Box Location

Now pick everything up, go forward, and exit to the Forbidden Forest.

To complete the Hogwarts Legacy A Friend In Deed side quest, go visit Dorothy in Upper Hogsfield and give her the Horklumps if you haven’t already; then, go to Sirona back in Hogsmeade and talk to her.

Great job, friend! You can now check our Wiki Hub here for other useful guides and keep playing the wonderful game developed by Avalanche Software.

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