Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howin’s Assignment: Where To Find A Giant Purple Toad And Diricawl

by Vlad
February 20, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howin’s Assignment is the 10th Assignment that becomes available in the latest Harry Potter-inspired video game published by Warner Bros. Games, and the only one you’ll be able to complete for your Beasts Class professor.

Hogwarts Legacy Howin’s Assignment is also quite accessible, and alongside 260 XP, it allows you to unlock one of the most potent Spells in the video game: Bombarda.

Professor Howin’s Assignment requires you to find and recut two types of Beasts: a Giant Purple Toad and a Diricawl.

To help you with these tasks, throughout the following guide, we’ll discuss their locations, how to capture them, and how to complete Professor Howin’s Assignment.

How To Start Professor Howin’s Assignment In Hogwarts Legacy

Professor Howin’s Assignment becomes available after you complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial or the second trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

As you return to your House’s Common Room, you’ll receive a letter from Professor Howin via your Owl Post.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howin's Assignment Walkthrough

Make sure you read it by opening your Field Guide, then navigating to the Owl Pots Tab. The letter reads:

I have been asked to teach you the Exploding Charm, Bombarda. Once you have completed the tasks I’ve set forth, speak to me after class.

Professor Howin

To see the tasks mentioned by Howin in her letter, navigate to the Quests Tab in your Field Guide, then to Professor Howin’s Assignment quest.

As you can notice, to learn Bombarda, you’ll have to:

  • Acquire a Giant Purple Toad with the Nab-Sack
  • Acquire a Diricawl with the Nab-Sack

Since you already have the Nab-Sack unlocked during The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And The Loom main quest, it means that all you need to do is find the two Beasts Howin needs. Let’s see where they are.

How To Aquire A Giant Purple Toad With The Nab-Sack

Finding a Giant Purple Toad in Hogwarts Legacy is an accessible task because there are many dens where these Beasts live. Look for them near water sources such as lakes or rivers.

A very accessible Giant Purple Toad Den is northeast of Hogsmeade or east of Upper Hogsfield. You can see the location of the den marked on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howin's Assignment Giant Purple Toad Location

Consider visiting the den marked above, and when you get close, first equip the Nab-Sack Utility Spell by pressing Right on your DPad.

Furthermore, you can opt to equip the Arresto Momentum Control Spell to help you slow the toad. Otherwise, the beast may run away.

Now, get close to the Den, and look for a large toad. Target it by pressing the Right Thumbstick, then cast Arresto Momentum to freeze the beast.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howin's Assignment Guide

Finally, cast the Nab-Sack Spell, and get ready to press the corresponding buttons on your screen to rescue/capture the Giant Purple Toad.

With the Giant Purple Toad in your bag, let’s see where to find a Diricawl.

How To Acquire A Diricawl With The Nab-Sack

Hogwarts Legacy Diricawls are also quite common creatures meaning that you’ll find them in most areas.

It is worth knowing that if you already completed the Birds of a Feather side-quest, then the Diricawl you captured counts towards the completion of Professor Howin’s Assignment, meaning that you can kill two birds with one stone.

If not, open your map and look for a Diricawl Den, like the one southeast of West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame. Again you can see the location of the said den marked on our map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howin's Assignment Diricawl Location

Once you reach the ruins on the map above, look around to spot some colorful birds. Make sure you cast Arresto Momentum first because they are pretty fast and turn invisible.

After freezing one of them, quickly use the Nab-Sack to capture it by pressing Square/X four times.

Awesome job! Now, it’s time to head back to Professor Howin, so open your Field Guide Map, navigate to Hogwarts Map, then choose The Bell Tower Wing from the list on the left side, followed by Beasts Classroom Floo Flame.

If you arrive during the night, open your Field Guide Map and press the Right Thumbstick to fast-forward the time.

Now you’ll want to find Professor Howin below and talk to her.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howin Assignment Walkthrough

During the conversation, you’ll get a dialogue choice. When Howing tells you to be cautious with this spell, pick whatever you want.

Finally, complete the associated puzzle by guiding your wand on the pattern on the right side as fast as possible and try pressing the corresponding buttons to speed up the wand.

Now Hogwarts Legacy Professor Howin’s Assignment is complete, and you have unlocked Bombarda, so feel free to practice with this spell on the pumpkins nearby.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub if you need help with other side-quests or if you want to find all collectibles in the game.

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