Hogwarts Legacy The Girl From Uagadou: Where To Find Natty Onai

by Vlad
February 11, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Girl From Uagadou is a short quest available in Chapter 3 of the video game developed by Avalanche Software, during which you have to live as a student until Professor Fig returns.

The Girl From Uagadou quest in Hogwarts Legacy consists of a dialogue with Natty Onai; however, in order to complete it, you’ll need to find her in the Lower Hogsfield area.

Basically, the Hogwarts Legacy Girl From Uagadou quest connects the Secrets of the Restricted Section main quest and the Trials of Merlin quest, which becomes available close to Natty Onai’s location in the Lower Hogsfield region.

This connection allows you to learn more about Natty Onai, the NPC you met earlier in the game.

So, let’s see where you can find Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield and what you can learn from her.

Where To Find Natsai Onai In The Girl From Uagadou

Natsai Onai is fairly easy to find because her location is clearly marked on your map; however, there is a bit of walking to be done.

Since you don’t have access to the broom yet, the whole journey must be made on foot; therefore, you’ll want to start from the closest Floo Flame you have unlocked.

If you did not exit the school yet, you must pick one of the Floo Flames you have unlocked in The Bell Tower Wing.

From the Floo Flame, make sure you track your quest in your Field Guide and press Up on your DPad to summon the golden whisps that will guide you.

After exiting Hogwarts, head southeast, and stay on the road, following the path marked on your map.

As you will see, you’ll have to walk a bit, but you’ll eventually find Natty by a small fence as you enter Lower Hogsfield.

Hogwarts Legacy The Girl From Uagadou Walkthrough

Before talking to her, if you open your map, you’ll notice that two additional side-quests became available in this area.

The first one is named The Lost Astrolabe, while the second is named Carted Away. Feel free to complete them after you talk to Natty and refer to our guides if you need help.

Back to Natsai Onai now. When approaching this NPC, you’ll be asked why Rookwood and Harlow were after you in Hogsmeade.

The dialogue options here are:

  • “They want something I found”
  • “I can’t say”

While none of the choices will actually affect the story or the upcoming events, it is worth knowing that Natsai Onai is one of Ranrok’s biggest enemies.

So, if you trust her and go with the first option, you’ll find out that Natty and her mother left Matabeleland in Zimbabwe because of people like Rookwood, Ranrok, and Harlow. This means that she’s one of your most loyal friends.

However, you don’t have to trust her, and you can still complete the quest if you don’t tell her the truth.

As the conversation progresses, you’ll find out about her plan to take down Harlow’s enterprise. But this plan requires time.

Hogwarts Legacy Girl From Uagadou quest ends after talking to Natty, and now you’ll be able to play the next main quest named Trials of Merlin.

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