Hogwarts Legacy A Thief In The Night: Where To Find The Thief

February 12, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy A Thief In The Night side quest can be completed by finding the thief who stole a prized family heirloom from Padraic Haggarty.

Padraic thinks he was robbed by his own sister, but you smell something fishy and decide to do some investigation.

However, apprehending the thief can prove tricky, and even if you are a good detective, you might still need help.

Therefore, throughout the following guide, we’ll explain exactly what needs to be done to catch the thief, retrieve the heirloom, and complete the Hogwarts Legacy Thief In Night side quest.

How To Start A Thief In The Night In Hogwarts Legacy

First, to make A Thief In The Night appear on your map, you have to finish The High Keep main quest.

Then you must go to Irondale in the southeast part of the Feldcroft Region; the exact location is marked on the next Hogwarts Legacy map.

Hogwarts Legacy Thief In Night Walkthrough

Once in Irondale, you have to make your way directly west of the hamlet’s Floo Flame, and you’ll find the quest giver, Padraic Haggarty, at the stand with the green roof (in front of a house).

Hogwarts Legacy Thief In Night Guide

If you have problems locating Padraic, you should track the quest from your map.

How To Follow The Trail Of Coins

Upon talking to the NPC, you must wait until nightfall.

To speed up time in Hogwarts Legacy A Thief In The Night, all you have to do is open your map and press R3/RS on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

Now that it’s nighttime, look around Padraic’s stand, and you should find piles of gold.

You can cast Revelio by pressing the Left Arrow button on your D-pad (controller) to see the piles of gold easier and through objects.

Hogwarts Legacy Thief In Night How To Follow The Piles Of Gold

Next, you must follow the trail by going from one pile of gold to the other.

The trail will lead you quite some distance to the west, at the location marked on the following map.

Hogwarts Legacy Thief In Night Thief Location

Also, you’ll encounter level 19 enemies on this path that will want to fight you, so be careful.

How To Capture The Thief

After you reach the location pinpointed on the map above, you’ll find a lot of stolen objects and the thief, a Niffler, in the middle of them.

Hogwarts Legacy Thief In Night How To Capture Thief

To capture the Niffler, you have to first get invisible using the Disillusionment spell, which you learned during the Secrets of the Restricted Section main quest.

Then patrol the purple ring area on your mini-map and get as close as you can to the thief without scaring him away.

You need to keep at least 3 meters between you and the Niffler. If he runs away, don’t worry, you’ll find him again because he can’t leave the purple ring area.

When you manage to get close to the cute thief, you must capture him with the Nab-Sack, which you’ve unlocked in The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom story quest.

There is one more task you can do in the Hogwarts Legacy A Thief In The Night side quest, and that is to retrieve the heirloom Haggarty mentioned.

Where To Find The Haggarty Family Heirloom

To find the heirloom, you have to get on the high ground in the middle of the purple ring area, above the place where the Niffler collected all his stolen stuff.

Look for a pile of coins with the heirloom on top, as you can see in the next image.

Hogwarts Legacy Thief In Night Where To Find Heriloom

Now you can go back to Padraic Haggarty, give him the news, and return the heirloom (in exchange for money if needed).

That’s all! You’ve completed the Hogwarts Legacy A Thief In The Night quest and can continue exploring the beautiful world of this video game. Don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub here for more useful guides.

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  1. Soooo… I forgot to get the heirloom and talked to the owner… He completed my quest, but did not give me the mask. When I went for the heirloom and back again, he still keeps talking about how sad he is that he does not have the heirloom back. So I locked myself out of the cutest mask of the game. 🙁

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