Hogwarts Legacy The Hunt For The Missing Pages Jackdaw’s Head Location

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February 11, 2023

The Hunt For The Missing Pages is a Hogwarts Legacy Gryffindor exclusive main quest that starts the fourth chapter of the video game developed by Avalanche Software. The Hunt For The Missing Pages is also the funniest of the four exclusive main quests because it involves a mini-game that’s quite hilarious.

As a Gryffindor exclusive main quest, The Hunt For The Missing Pages can be played only by the members of the Gryffindor House; however, it is worth knowing that if you join another House, this quest will be replaced by the following:

Last but not least, all exclusive quests become available after the Trials Of Merlin, and all of them will unlock the next main quest in line, named Jackdaw’s Rest.

Where To Find Nearly Headless Nick

After starting the quest at the end of Trials Of Merlin, your first objective is to find Nearly Headless Nick, who needs your help. Nearly Headless Nick is found in the Great Hall area of Hogwarts, so if you have unlocked the Floo Flame nearby, you can fast-travel to his location.

If not, head to the closest Floo Flame while tracking the current quest, and then follow the path marked on your minimap or the golden whisps you can spawn by pressing Up on your DPad. As you can see below, Nearly Headless Nick is waiting for you in front of the scoreboard outside the Great Hall.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hunt For The Missing Pages Walkthrough

After introducing yourself to Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, he’ll tell you he knows about the book you found earlier in the game while playing the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest. He also knows about the missing pages Fig discovered during Tomes And Tribulations, but first, he wants you to follow him.

As you stay close to Nick, he’ll tell you he knows where the pages are or who has them, but if you want to find out, you’ll have to perform a small favor for the cute ghost. This task involves a piece of Rotten Roast Beef, and even though Nick can’t eat it, he needs it as a bribe.

So, stay close to him, and he’ll take you to the kitchen area. On your way, he’ll explain that if a ghost flies through the Beef, he can almost taste it. Since Nicholas cannot carry the Roast Beef, he needs your help retrieving it.

How To Obtain the Rotten Roast Beef

Eventually, Sir Nicholas will take you to the kitchen’s secret entrance. To obtain the Rotten Roast Beef in Hogwarts Legacy, first, you need to tickle the pear. If you don’t know what this means, look around for a painting depicting multiple fruits. One of them is a pear. So, interact with the painting to reveal a hidden door.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hunt For The Missing Pages How To Obtain The Rotten Roast Beef

The Hogwarts Kitchen is quite large, as you are about to see. It is recommended that you take your time exploring it, but assuming you want to focus on the Roast Beef, the moment you enter, head right. Or Southwest if you want. Walk along the wall, and you’ll find the Roast Beef for Nearly Headless Nick sitting on a barrel in a small alcove.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hunt For The Missing Pages Rotten Roast Beef Location

Once you pick up the Rotten Beef, you’ll also meet Feenky, a friendly House Elf. Feel free to talk to her and ask her anything you want. After talking to Feenky, head outside the kitchen area and talk to Nick, who wishes to take the Rotten Roast to Sir Patrick Delany-Podmore. When asked what is happening, Nearly Headless Nick will finally explain his plan.

Long story short, Nick wants to get into a rather exclusive club named the Headless Hunt. The said group is involved in various activities, but as the name implies, it is a select group of headless ghosts. Unfortunately, Nick can’t join the group because he is nearly headless, so he tries to buy his way inside using the Rotten Roast Beef. He’ll also tell you that one group member is Richard Jackdaw, another headless ghost who knows where the missing pages are.

So, Nick plans to bribe Sir Patrick Delany-Podmore with the Beef you just collected and become a member of the Headless Hunt while also discovering what happened to the missing pages. Now, you’ll be automatically transported to Hogsmeade, where the Headless Hunt gathered. After arriving, you’ll meet Sir Patrick Delany-Podmore and discover that only one part of Nick’s plan worked—specifically, the one involving Richard Jackdaw.

Even if he brought the Roast Beef, Sir Patrick wouldn’t accept Nick in the Headless Hunt simply because he still has his head on his shoulders. The good news is that Richard Jackdaw’s head is nearby, so it’s time to find it.

Where To Find the Headless Hunt’s Game

The Headless Hunt’s game is found southeast of your current location, near The Magic Neep. Follow the path on your minimap, and you’ll see a ghost near a Pumpkin Farm.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hunt For The Missing Pages Headless Hunt's Game Location

Talk to Sir Nestor Amset, and he’ll tell you that you can speak to Richard Jackdaw if you manage to find his head. And not once but five times. This objective is, in fact, a Headless Hunt mini-game, and the idea is to find the head of a ghost hidden inside pumpkins by another ghost. In this case, you’ll have to find Richard Jackdaw’s head. So accept to play the game, and let’s get started.

Where To Find the Head in the Pumpkins

The fastest way to find the head in the pumpkins and complete the mini-game is to stay close to the ghost that carries it. So get ready to start running and follow the ghost flying around.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hunt For The Missing Pages Head Location

Eventually, you’ll see the ghost disappearing, and when this happens, you’ll need to attack the pumpkins in the area where the ghost vanishes using the Basic Cast (R2/RT). Obviously, you can also attack the pumpkins randomly while moving around the farm, but this process can take some time because the pumpkins respawn after several seconds. So stay alert and follow the ghost instead, and you’ll find Richard Jackdaw’s head five times.

After finding Richard Jackdaw, he’ll tell you the pages you are looking for are inside a cave. The same cave where he died, so to retrieve them, you’ll need to find his corpse. The good news is that he’ll show you the way after you meet him near the Forbidden Forest.

Finally, you can ask him what you should expect to find inside the cave, who killed him, and how he retrieved the pages from Peeves. After asking all these questions, get ready to visit the Forbidden Forest as part of the next quest named Jackdaw’s Rest. Hogwarts Legacy Hunt For The Missing Pages main quest ends now, and you’ll get 260 XP for completing it and access to the Ghost of Our Love side-quest.

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