Hogwarts Legacy Tomes And Tribulations: How To Complete

by Vlad
February 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Tomes And Tribulations is the eleventh main quest in the video game developed by  Avalanche Software and the last quest of the third chapter revolving around the Secret in the Restricted Section.

Tomes And Tribulations in Hogwarts Legacy is also the shortest quest because all you need to do is to debrief Professor Fig or tell him what you have found in the Library Restricted Section.

Therefore, Tomes And Tribulations can be played only after you finish the previous main quest named Secrets of the Restricted Section.

Even though it is pretty short, for completing Tomes And Tribulations, you’ll earn 260 XP. So, let’s see what you have to do.

Where To Find Professor Fig In Tomes And Tribulations

As you may remember from the previous main quest, after you exit the Antechamber, where you find another Pensieve, your companion tries to escape Agnes Scribner’s punishment.

It remains to see if he/she succeeds or not, but the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest ends as soon as you reach the library.

So it’s time to find Fig and tell him about what you saw in the Pensieve.

Therefore, open your map and select the Astronomy Tower from the list of Floo Flames. Next, choose Professor Fig’s Classroom Floo Flame, which was previously unlocked.

Hogwarts Legacy Tomes And Tribulations Walkthrough

When you reach the classroom, head inside. At the bottom of the stairs leading to Fig’s office, you’ll see a circle on the ground. Interact with it to start the quest.

Taking The Book To Professor Fig

Now head inside the office, and you’ll see Fig talking to a new teacher. Sharp is your Potions Class Professor and seems a bit friendlier than Snape, despite the injured leg.

Wait for them to finish their discussion about the Goblins and Ranrok, but pay close attention to what they have to say. You can learn that Fig has a task for Sharp.

After Sharp leaves the office, talk to Fig. Although you broke some rules to reach the Restricted Section, Fig seems quite happy you did it. Especially because of the book you found.

Upon taking a closer look, Fig discovers that there are several missing pages, which means that you are not the first to find the book. He also mentions that he needs time to inspect it.

Now, it’s time for you to tell him what you saw in the Pensieve so he can connect the memories with the information provided by the book.

Eventually, he’ll tell you that he scheduled a trip to London to tell the Minister about George’s death. You probably remember him from the first quest (Path To Hogwarts).

Before leaving, it is worth knowing what Fig will tell the Minister, so ask him.

Hogwarts Legacy Tomes And Tribulations Guide

Last but not least, Professor Fig will inform you that you’ll have to attend two new classes: Herbology and Potions.

Now, Hogwarts Legacy Tomes And Tribulations quest ends, and when you leave the office, you’ll receive several letters.

Additionally, you’ll unlock the Herbology Class and Potions Class main quests and Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2.

The Crossed Wands Round 3 and Spell Combination Practice 2 also become available, so feel free to complete them alongside other side-quest we have covered as part of our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.

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