Hogwarts Legacy Sacking Selwyn Silvanus Location

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February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Sacking Selwyn is a side quest you can find while exploring the Cragcroftshire region in the video game published by Avalanche Software. This side mission unlocks after you finish the main story quest, The Helm Of Urtkot.

The rewards for completing the Sacking Selwyn side quest are generous, including 300 Galleons, 180 XP, and Ashwinder Skull Gloves. Be aware that you will have to fight level 37 Ashwinders during this side quest.

To start the quest, you must find Hyacinth Olivier in Cragcroft, a settlement in the northeastern part of the Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire region, as pointed out on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Sacking Selwyn Quest Location Map

Once you reach Cragcroft, a community plagued by Stoneback Dugbogs, go to the northwest, where you will encounter the quest giver on a small hill in front of a grave, as you can see in the following picture.

Hogwarts Legacy Sacking Selwyn Quest Giver Location

Now, interact with the NPC, who will tell you that the Ashwinders have infested the nearby Hogwarts Legacy Clagmar Castle, disrupting the peace and their valuable trade around the area.

The Ashwinders that occupied the castle have Silvanus Selwyn as their leader, one of Victor Roockwood’s lieutenants. Madame Olivier has put a nice bounty on Selwyn’s head, so your task is to find and defeat the Ashwinder lieutenant.

Where To Find Silvanus Selwyn

To confront Silvanus Selwyn, you must travel southwest of Cragcroft to Clagmar Castle in the Clagmar Coast region, as shown on the following map.

Hogwarts Legacy Sacking Selwyn Clagmar Castle Location Map

Once you reach the shown location above, enter the castle, and you will spot the Ashwinder lieutenant standing in front of a tent in the south part of the courtyard.

Hogwarts Legacy Sacking Selwyn Silvanus Selwyn

After you defeat Silvanus Selwyn, all that’s left to do to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Sacking Selwyn side quest is to return to Cragcroft and speak with Hyacinth Olivier.

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