Hogwarts Legacy Weasley’s Watchful Eye Quest Walkthrough

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February 27, 2023

Weasley’s Watchful Eye is a fairly short Hogwarts Legacy post-story main quest featured in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, during which you get to present your Field Guide performance to Professor Weasley. The Hogwarts Legacy Weasley’s Watchful Eye quest involves only a short conversation with your Transfiguration Professor, who introduced you to the Field Guide during the Welcome To Hogwarts main quest.

Now, Professor Weasley wants to see how you have progressed and learn more about your activities outside the school.

Where To Find Professor Weasley in Weasley’s Watchful Eye

To play Weasley’s Watchful Eye, first, you must defeat Ranrok as part of The Final Repository main quest. Once you deal with him and celebrate your victory in the Great Hall, you’ll wake up in your House’s Common Room. Check your Field Guide and the Quests Tab, then track Weasley’s Watchful Eye quest.

From your current location inside Hogwarts, open your map, and from the list of available Floo Flames on the left side, select the Astronomy Tower, followed by the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame. After arriving at the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame, head inside Weasley’s office via the small door in the northwestern corner of the room.

Hogwarts Legacy Weasley’s Watchful Eye Walkthrough

When talking to Professor Weasley, she’ll tell you that she knows about your adventures outside the school and your new friends. Next, she’ll ask you for your Field Guide to review it. What Professor Weasley will say next depends on how many side activities you have completed because Weasley’s Watchful Eye is a post-story quest meant to be completed after achieving 100% completion in all areas.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t complete the quest even if you still have Merlin Trials to solve or collectibles to find but don’t expect Professor Weasley to praise you for something you didn’t do. Only the dialogue lines will change, and she’ll encourage you to complete your Field Guide.

Besides the fact that Professor Weasley wants you to finish all side activities and side quests, you’ll also need them for the last post-story main quest, which is the actual ending. The quest is named The House Cup, and to play it, you’ll need to reach at least Level 34, which can be done by finding all collectibles in the game and finishing all Merlin Trials and side-quests.

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