Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix Rising: How To Rescue A Phoenix

February 19, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix Rising is the final side quest as part of Deek’s questline available in the Room of Requirement, where you’ll rescue a Phoenix.

At the end of the Foal Of The Dead Side Quest, Deek tells a story about his previous master, who died after falling over a cliff while trying to get a Phoenix egg.

In the Phoenix Rising Quest, Deek finds out about poachers targeting a Phoenix’s nest in a nearby mountain, which might be in danger of being captured.

So, follow this in-depth guide to learn where to find the Phoenix and how to rescue it to complete the Phoenix Rising in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Unlock Phoenix Rising Side Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll have to meet a few requirements to unlock the Phoenix Rising Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy, which allows you to rescue a Phoenix.

First, you’ll have to advance the storyline until you complete the third trial during Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial Main Quest.

Then, you’ll have to complete all of Deek’s previous quests regarding the Room of Requirement until you’ve finished Foal Of The Dead Side Quest.

After finishing Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial Main Quest, Professor Weasley will send you an owl informing you that Deek wishes to talk with you.

hogwarts legacy phoenix rising side quest location - GameClubz

Upon speaking with Deek in the Room of Requirement, he will tell you about a band of poachers targeting the Phoenix area and planning to use its unique materials.

How To Rescue A Phoenix In Hogwarts Legacy

To rescue a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy, you must complete the Phoenix Rising Side Quest by going through the Phoenix Mountain Cave and using the Nab-Sack on the Phoenix.

After starting the side quest by speaking with Deek in the Room of Requirement, go to the marked location by either traveling the long distance with the flying broom or fast-travel to the Floo Flame if you have it unlocked.

hogwarts legacy phoenix rising phoenix mountain cave location - GameClubz

After you reach the location, enter the Phoenix Mountain Cave right next to the Floo Flame.

How To Search For The Phoenix In Phoenix Rising Side Quest

After you enter the cave, destroy the wooden barricade by casting Incendio, Depulso, or Bombarda, and jump over the gap and vault the wooden fence ahead.

Immediately on the right side, burn the spider web by casting Incendio and clear the path of rocks by casting Depulso to reach the first of the two Phoenix Mountain Cave Collection Chests at the end of the tunnel.

hogwarts legacy phoenix rising collection chest location - GameClubz

Return to the main path, climb the two ledges ahead, and you will encounter a few poachers.

After you defeat all of them, keep following the path ahead until you crouch through a gap and encounter another poacher camp.

hogwarts legacy phoenix rising poacher camp - GameClubz

Clear the poacher camp and open the nearby gate to trigger a cutscene with the Phoenix on a balcony.

From the balcony, go to the right and climb the ladder. Defeat the enemy at the top, climb another ladder, and go through the tunnel ahead.

Jump across the broken bridge, go through more tunnels, and jump across the wooden platform.

Follow the path up, climb another ladder, jump over the gap ahead, and defeat the spiders.

hogwarts legacy phoenix rising spiders - GameClubz

After killing the spiders, follow the linear path ahead by climbing the ledges and jumping over the gaps until you encounter more poachers in a larger room.

Defeat all the poachers and clear the path to the east by destroying the rocks blockade with Depulso.

hogwarts legacy phoenix rising blocked path depulso - GameClubz

Keep following the linear path using the minimap until you reach the Phoenix perched on a rock peak.

Equip and cast the Nab-Sack Utility Spell to rescue the magical beast.

hogwarts legacy phoenix rising phoenix location - GameClubz

Immediately after rescuing the rare beast, you’ll unlock the Rising From The Ashes Trophy/Achievement.

Now, follow the quest marker to leave the Phoenix Mountain Cave and use the fast-travel to return to the Room of Requirement.

Upon your return, a cutscene will trigger with the Room creating a new vivarium after releasing the Phoenix out of the Nab-Sack.

However, because it’s a rare beast and there is no other Pheonix on the map, it is impossible to breed more of them.

And that concludes our Phoenix Rising Side Quest guide in Hogwarts Legacy. But there are many more things to do in the Wizarding World, so consider visiting our Wiki Hub here for the in-depth guides available.

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