Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogsmeade: How To Repair The Damaged Shops

by Vlad
February 9, 2023

Welcome To Hogsmeade is the sixth main quest in Hogwarts Legacy, and it is focused on introducing four of the shops you can access to buy various items and two of the game’s antagonists.

Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogsmeade also features a combat sequence where you can test your casting skills and some of the spells you have already unlocked. Furthermore, you’ll meet various characters and get to know them better.

Welcome To Hogsmeade is the last main quest in the first Chapter of the video game developed by Avalanche Software, which means that after you complete your visit to Hogsmeade, Your First Day at Hogwarts Chapter ends.

Welcome To Hogsmeade quest becomes available after you finish Professor Ronen’s Assignment and learn the Reparo Spell.

For dealing with the village’s attacker or finishing the Welcome To Hogsmeade main quest, you’ll get 260 XP and learn how to use the Ancient Magic Throw and Ancient Magic. So let’s see what Hogsmeade has to offer and how to complete the last quest in the first Chapter.

Where To Find Sebastian Near The Entrance To Hogwarts

Since Welcome To Hogsmeade becomes available after you finish Professor Ronen’s Assignment, it means that you’ll be in the Transfiguration Courtyard when you start this quest.

Your first objective is to meet the companion you picked when playing Weasley After Class, so if you followed our walkthrough, you’d have to find Sebastian. If you picked someone else, then that’s the character waiting for you near the entrance to Hogwarts.

Now, from your current location, while tracking the quest in your Field Guide, pres Up on your DPad to summon the golden whisps that will show you the way.

Head northeast to enter the Central Hall, and when you reach the other side, turn left through the hallway, moving northwest.

Cross the next hallway, then turn left to enter the Bell Tower. Your companion (Sebastian, in our case) will be waiting for you by the castle’s gate.

Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogsmeade Walkthrough

After talking to your companion, you’ll exit the castle, and the next part of the quest is to follow your friend who knows the way to Hogsmeade.

Since this is the first time you’ll exit Hogwarts, take your time to admire the environment, and if you get lost, make sure you press Up on your DPad to find your way back to your guide.

The trip to Hogsmeade is a bit long, but you can learn more about the places you’ll come across.

After reaching Hogsmeade, your companion will leave, and you’ll get four new objectives:

  • Visit Tomes and Scrolls
  • Visit Ollivanders
  • Visit J. Pippin’s Potions
  • Visit the Magic Neep

These objectives are mandatory for progressing the story because, from these shops, you’ll have to get specific items. Or the supplies you have lost. Let’s see where you can find them.

Where To Find Tomes And Scrolls In Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy Tomes and Scrolls Shop is found in the southern Hogsmeade area. If you open your map, you’ll see the shop’s icon depicting a scroll.

Hogwarts Legacy Tomes And Scrolls Location

From your current location, head southwest down the alley, and on the right side, you’ll see a store with a blue entrance.

Get inside, and you’ll meet Thomas Brown, who will tell you why his shop is essential.

After discussing with him, you’ll get access to his inventory. In the supplies section, you’ll find the following items:

  • Potting Table With A Small Pot Spellcraft
  • Small Potions Station Spellcraft

Both items cost 0 Cold Coins, and you must buy both by pressing and holding X/A. Make sure you get them now.

Great job! Now let’s get you a wand.

Where To Find Ollivanders In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Ollivanders Shop is also found in the southern area of Hogsmeade, several steps northwest of Tomes And Scrolls.

Open your map and look for an icon depicting a wand.

Hogwarts Legacy Ollivanders Location

As you move up the alley, you’ll notice that Ollivander’s Shop is on the left side and has a brown entrance.

Approach the counter, and try using the bell to trigger a cutscene introducing Gerbold Ollivander. The shopkeeper will quickly find a wand for you, but you’ll get the chance to make several choices.

Hogwarts Legacy Wand Customization Choices

The Hogwarts Legacy Wand Customization feature comes with several options. Therefore you’ll be able to choose the following:

  • Wand Style
  • Wood Type
  • Length
  • Flexibility
  • Wand Core

When customizing your wand, it’s worth knowing that none of these options will affect the gameplay or your skills as a wizard.

These are cosmetics, so feel free to play with them as you like.

After customizing your wand, press and hold the Square/X button to buy your wand.

Hogwarts Legacy Best Wand Choices

It is worth knowing that after you get your wand, you can further customize it in the Gear menu. Specifically, you can change its handle alongside other Gear Customizations we explained here.

Welcome To Hogsmeade J. Pippin’s Potions Shop Location

Now that you have a new wand, it’s time to go to the Potions Shop. Hogwarts Legacy J. Pippin’s Potions Shop is located on Hogsmeade’s western side.

The Shop’s location is depicted by an icon showing a potion vial.

Hogwarts Legacy J. Pippin’s Potions Shop Location

Mark the shop on your map, then press Up on your DPad to summon the golden whisps that will guide you to it.

The shop features a purple entrance, and inside, you’ll find Parry Pippin. Talk to him, and he’ll unlock his inventory.

From this shop, buy the following supplies:

  • Edurus Potion Recipe
  • Wiggenweld Potion Recipe

Both recipes cost 0 coins and are mandatory for progressing the Welcome To Hogsmeade quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Magic Neep Location

The last shop you’ll need to visit is Magic Neep, and as you can see on the map below, it is found on the western side of Hogsmeade.

On your map, the shop’s location is marked by an icon showing a plant.

Hogwarts Legacy Magic Neep Location

Upon reaching the shop’s location, you’ll be introduced to a new vendor named Timothy Teasdale.

He sells herbs, and from him, you’ll need to get the Dittany Seeds to progress the current quest.

Now that you recovered all your supplies, the next objective is to meet Sebastian (or another companion depending on your previous choice) at the Town Circle.

The NPC’s location will be marked on your map. Just check the northeastern side of Hogsmeade and press Up on your DPad so the golden whisps can guide you to it.

You’ll find your companion in front of Gladrags Wizardwear Shop. Make sure you talk to him/her, and you’ll be suddenly interrupted by a Troll.

How To Defend Hogsmeade

The next objective is to defend Hogsmeade using everything you have learned so far.

To defeat the Troll, you’ll need to:

  • Dodge his attacks by pressing O/B when the prompt appears on your screen
  • Mark your target by pressing the Right Thumbstick
  • Use Basic Cast by tapping R2/RT while staying mobile
  • Block incoming attacks using Protego (press Triangle/Y) when the prompt appears on the screen
  • When Ancient Magic Throw become available (after you deplete 1/3 of the Troll’s health bar), press and hold R1/RB to grab nearby objects, then release the button to throw them
  • At the end of the fight, make sure you invoke Ancient Magic by pressing R1/RB+L1/LB at the same time
Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogsmeade Armoured Troll Boss Fight

The Armoured Troll is a very accessible opponent despite his size. However, he creates quite a mess in Hogsmeade.

How To Repair The Damage In Hogsmeade

After you defeat the Troll, it’s time to restore the plaza where the fight took place, and for this objective, you’ll need to repair seven damaged objects.

This is when Professor Ronen Reparo Spell comes into play, so start by looking around to see the highlighted objects similar to the one pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogsmeade How To Repair The Damage

To repair the damage, you must cast Reparo by holding down R2/RT and pressing X/A.

Here are the seven objects you must repair:

  1. The stand in front of the bookstore (pictured above)
  2. The pile of boxes on the left side of the bookstore
  3. The flowers stand in front of the terrace with white chairs and tables
  4. The stand in front of Honeydukes
  5. The statue in front of the large tree
  6. The stand on the left side of the tree
  7. The house on the left side of the Scrivenshaft Store

After fixing the broken objects, enter Gladrags Wizardwear (purple shop) nearby and meet Augustus Hill.

The shopkeeper will be thankful for saving his business and will offer you a Traditional School Robe free of charge. Make sure you buy it, then equip it to increase your character’s offence by 5.

Now it’s time to celebrate your victory with a cold Butterbeer, so make sure you follow your companion to the Three Broomsticks.

As you head down the alley, you’ll trigger a rather long cutscene introducing Victor Rookwood and his right hand Theophilus Harlow. As we have outlined, Victor Rookwood is the ancestor of Augustus Rookwood you may remember from the Harry Potter era.

Augustus Rookwood was one of Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters, and it seems that Victor is also an antagonist since he is working with Ranrok.

Luckily you’ll escape Victor Rookwood and Theophilus Harlow with the help of Sirona Ryan, the Three Broomsticks bartender. But your celebration is ruined, so it’s time to head back to school.

To complete Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogsmeade, exit Three Broomsticks, then after you talk to your companion, open your map and fast travel to your Common Room.

After finishing Welcome To Hogsmeade, you’ll unlock multiple side quests, all of them being covered as part of our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki; and if you want to focus on the story, then the next quest, named The Locket’s Secret also becomes available.

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