Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest Guide

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March 1, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure is a treasure hunt quest in which you’ll have to find the treasure chest using the hints given by a Mysterious Map Fragment. Starting the Cursed Tomb Treasure Side Quest is a bit different than the others because it will require you to find and collect the Mysterious Map Fragment, which is locked in a chest inside a basement.

Furthermore, the basement of the old manor is locked, and it requires Alohomora Level 3, but fortunately, we found a secret way in.

How To Start Cursed Tomb Treasure Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Cursed Tomb Treasure Side Quest becomes available after you progress the storyline until you finish The Helm Of Urtkot Main Quest, where you retrieve a helm artifact for Lodgok. To start the Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest, you’ll have to find the Mysterious Map Fragment inside a locked chest in the basement of an old manor near the Southern Coast.

Fortunately, this locked chest only requires Alohomora Level 1, which you learned during The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament Main Quest. On the following map, we’ve marked the exact location where you can find and open the locked chest to start the quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest Location

There are two different methods to enter the basement of the old manor. The first method requires you to learn Alohomora Level 3 by finishing The Man Behind The Moons Side Quest, where you must find 22 Demiguise Statues.

Doing so, you can open the Level 3 lock to the basement inside the old manor and reach the locked chest containing the Mysterious Map Fragment. The second method involves a secret entrance leading exactly to the locked chest in the basement. On the western part of the old manor, there is a hill with a statue and a brazier in the front.

Cursed Tomb Treasure Secret Entrance

Ignite the brazier with a fire-based spell like Incendio or Confrigo and step on the pedestal to enter the basement. Immediately after entering the basement, you’ll be ambushed by Ailsa Travers, and once you defeat her, by the Lord of the Manor, two infamous foes.

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Infamous Foes

After defeating the infamous foes, open the locked chest in the corner with Alohomora to receive the Mysterious Map Fragment that begins the Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest. Also, feel free to explore the basement and collect all the remaining treasures. Watch out for the Inferi because the place swarms with them.

How To Use the Mysterious Map Fragment To Find the Treasure

Once you unlock and open the chest, you’ll receive the following map with hints about the location of the treasure chest and a puzzle solution.

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Mysterious Map Fragment

The X marked on the map seems to hint at a cave, where a waterfall between mountains covers the entrance. The Tomb of Treachery in the Poidsear Coast Region is the only location that meets the above description. We’ve marked the exact location in the image below.

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Tomb of Treachery Location

Fast-travel to the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame and enter the cave. If you don’t have the Floo Flame unlocked, teleport to a closer Floo Flame and use the flying broom to get there quickly. Upon entering the Tomb of Treachery, follow the path north until you reach a stone tomb containing bones. Don’t forget to cast Revelio along the way to reveal a few treasures and one of the Collection Chests.

Cursed Tomb Treasure Coffin

Burn the spider web blocking the path to the left (north) with a fire-based spell, crouch through the gap, and vault over the fallen pillar to reach a room with two venomous spiders. To progress further into the tomb, you must find the three moths and place them on the locked door.

How To Unlock the Moths Door in Cursed Tomb Treasure Side Quest

The first two moths are inside the room on the right (north) side. You can pick up one of them immediately, but for the second one, you’ll have to burn the spider web with a fire-based spell to reach it.

Cursed Tomb Treasure Moths

Cast Lumos near the moth and guide it to the door, then cast it again to place it on the moths’ door. Repeat this process for both moths. After you’ve placed the first two moths, burn the spider web on the left (south) side and burn one more, blocking the wooden crate. Grab the wooden box using Wingardium Leviosa and place it against the wall ahead. Cast Levioso on the wooden crate, then climb it to the upper floor.

Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb Treasure Puzzle Solution

In the corner of the room, you’ll find the third moth. Cast Lumos and guide it to the moths’ door. Once you open the door, go through and prepare to fight lots of Inferi.

How To Solve the Tomb of Treachery Puzzle in Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest

After you defeat all the Inferi, you’ll have to solve the puzzle mentioned in the Mysterious Map Fragment. In the middle of the room, there are nine tiles that resemble the drawing on Mysterious Map Fragment.

The trick to solving the puzzle is to cast the spell Flipendo learned during Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 on three specific tiles to flip and match them as you’ve seen on the map. To flip the tiles, hold (R2)/(RT) to enter the aim mode, target the tiles marked in the image below, and cast Flipendo. It doesn’t matter in which order you flip them.

Cursed Tomb Treasure Puzzle Solution in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve flipped the three tiles correctly, the middle square will lift, revealing a treasure chest containing the Treasure-Seeker’s Attire gear appearance and 400 Galleons.

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