Hogwarts Legacy A Dragon Debrief: How To Complete

February 14, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy A Dragon Debrief is the first relationship quest as part of Poppy Sweeting’s questline, in which you’ll discuss your next move against the Poacher Pack.

A Dragon Debrief consists of only a conversation with a few dialogue options, which won’t affect her quest line.

Even though it is just a short conversation, it is mandatory to complete it to unlock the next relationship quest as part of her questline.

So, follow this guide to learn how to unlock the A Dragon Debrief quest and what’s the next move to complete Poppy Sweeting’s questline.

How To Unlock A Dragon Debrief Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

To unlock A Dragon Debrief Relationship Quest, you’ll have to progress the storyline until you’ve finished Fire and Vice Main Quest, where you save a dragon from the Poacher Pack.

Then, Poppy will ask you to meet in the Three Broomsticks Tavern to discuss your next move on the matter.

Three Broomsticks can be found in Hogsmeade and is the tavern owned by Sirona Ryan, who you’ve helped during A Friend In Deed Side Quest.

Hogwarts Legacy A Dragon Debrief Relationship Quest Location

Find Poppy there and talk to her to begin the A Dragon Debrief Relationship Quest.

How To Complete A Dragon Debrief Relationship Quest

During the conversation between you and Poppy Sweeting, you will discuss your recent experiences and the possibility of collars controlling dragons.

Poppy mentions that she is still upset about what happened and points out that the collars were made of goblin silver, which is unusual for poachers to use.

Then, you will bring up the fact that the dragon that attacked your carriage was also wearing a collar, and Professor Fig was puzzled by its behavior.

Poppy suggests that they should check whether the dragon you freed was wearing a collar, and if she can find her, you can return her egg. She will also ask you why Viktor Rookwood is after you.

If you decide to be honest with Poppy, you will reveal that you are being pursued by Victor Rookwood, who is working with Ranrok.

Hogwarts Legacy A Dragon Debrief Dialogue Options

You will explain that Rookwood is after something you found at Gringotts and that Fig had a Portkey that led you there after the dragon attack.

Poppy will be surprised by this revelation but promises to keep your secret and not press for more details.

Finally, Poppy decides to search for the dragon you’ve set free, promising to update you when she finds it, which concludes without any notification A Dragon Debrief Relationship Quest in the action video game developed by Avalanche Software.

The next quest as part of Poppy Sweeting’s questline is Poached Egg. Also, make sure to check our Wiki Hub here for the best up-to-date guides.

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