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February 7, 2023

Gobs Of Gobstones is an early Hogwarts Legacy fetch side quest in which you will help Zenobia Noke recover her Gobstone collection. To start the Gobs Of Gobstones side quest, you’ll have to complete the Weasley After Class main quest, where you meet with Professor Weasley and decide to visit Hogsmeade and retrieve your supplies. Also, finding Zenobia’s Gobstones can be tricky since they are small marbles hidden in places out of sight.

Where To Find Zenobia Noke

The quest giver, Zenobia Noke, can be found in The Astronomy Wing part of the Hogwarts Castle, near the Defence Against the Dark Art Tower Floo Flames. To easily reach her location, open the map, move the cursor over the Astronomy Wing black flag, select Gobs Of Gobstones side quest, and press (X) to track it.

Then, follow the quest route on the minimap to reach the marked location and speak with the little girl from the Ravenclaw House named Zenobia Noke.

Hogwarts Legacy Gobs Of Gobstones Quest Starting Location

After you finish speaking with her, you’ll have to find her six Gobstones hidden out of her reach by the other students. Here is where they are located.

Gobstone #1: On the Bridge

Once you’re done talking to Zenobia Noke, follow the white quest marker leading to the Transfiguration Courtyard. After entering the purple area marked on the minimap, you can press DPad Left to use Revelio and highlight Zenobia’s Gobstone. The first Gobstone is located on the bridge above the alcove, where you repaired the statue using the spell Reparo during Professor Ronen’s Assignment.

Gobs Of Gobstones First Location

To get it from up there, use the Accio spell you’ve learned during Charm Class to pull it towards you and grab it.

Gobstone #2: On the Chandelier

After picking up the previous Gobstone, follow the quest marker again, leading to the Viaduct Entrance, and climb the spiral staircase past the Divination Classroom Floo Flame. At the top of the spiral staircase, check the chandelier hanging from the ceiling to find the second Gobstone. Use the Accio spell to pick it up.

Gobs Of Gobstones Second Location

Gobstone #3: On a Wooden Beam

Now, go down the staircase and turn left past the Divination Classroom Floo Flame to reach a wooden balcony. On the other side of the railing, you’ll find the third Zenobia’s Gobstone on a wooden beam.

Gobs Of Gobstones Third Location

As you already know by now, pick it up using the Accio spell to progress the Gobs Of Gobstones quest.

Gobstone #4: On a Pillar

From the previous Gobstone, follow the quest marker until you reach the Ravenclaw Tower, near its Floo Flame. Immediately after discovering the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flames, check the top right side of the blue hallway to find the fourth Zenobia’s Gobstone on the blue pillar.

Gobs Of Gobstones Fourth Location

Gobstone #5: On the Wall

Now, follow the quest marker by climbing the Grand Staircase until you reach the Trophy Room. You’ll find Zenobia’s Gobstone on the wall near the Trophy Room Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy Gobs Of Gobstones Fifth Location

Gobstone #6: On a Trophy Shelf

For the final Gobstone, enter the nearby Trophy Room and check the northern part of the room. You’ll find the Gobstone on a shelf between a couple of trophies.

Gobs Of Gobstones Sixth Location

After grabbing the last one, return to Zenobia Nuke to give her Gobstone collection back, which will complete the Gobs Of Gobstones side quest.

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