Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin: How To Solve The Puzzle

by Vlad
February 11, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin is the final main quest in Chapter 3, and it becomes available after you complete The Girl From Uagadou main quest; however, unlike the previous quest, this time, you’ll have to solve a puzzle.

Trials Of Merlin in Hogwarts Legacy introduces the Merlin Trials activities you have most likely noticed on your map, meaning that this main quest explains how to solve a Merlin Trial puzzle.

The quest is relatively short, provided you know what you have to do, and as a reward for finishing it, you’ll receive 260 XP.

Since there are 95 Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy and because you’ll need to complete the first one to progress the story, throughout the following guide, we’ll explain what you have to do.

How To Help The Stranger In Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin

As said, the Trials Of Merlin main quest is triggered automatically after completing The Girl From Uagadou in the Lower Hogsfield area.

Once you finish the said quest, you’ll hear a woman screaming beyond the dock, east of the village, behind a tent.

Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin Walkthrough

If you open your map, you should also see that two side-quests are available nearby. The first one is The Lost Astrolabe, while the second is Carted Away, both being covered as part of our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.

You can complete them now if you want or check the stranger asking for help.

As you approach the tent pictured above, you’ll find a female NPC named Nora Treadwell being threatened by some Ashwinder Scouts.

The scouts are looking for you, following Rookwood’s orders, so it seems normal to save Nora.

While dealing with the Ashwinder Scouts, remember everything you have learned during your lessons. The mobs are relatively easy to dispatch and take heavy damage from Ancient Throw. Last, but not least, try to complete the random Dueling Feat, but if you fail it, don’t worry.

After you clear the first wave of enemies, get ready to face some of Rookwood’s Ashwinder Duelists.

These thieves are no match for you, so take them out before talking to Nora Treadwell.

Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin Guide

After you introduce yourself, you’ll find out that Nora is running research. Answer with “Research. How interesting” or ask her about Priya, or Nora’s wife, who was doing some research on Merlin.

Nora is also an archeologist interested in Merlin’s life. Yes, Merlin is not a myth, and he was a Hogwarts student.

Next, you’ll find out that Nora is doing some research on Merlin’s pillars, such as the one behind her. But she reached a dead end and doesn’t know how the pillars work. The only thing she knows for sure is that the Mallowsweet plays an important role in solving Merlin’s Trials puzzles.

Obviously, your next task is to help Nora figure out how o solve the Merlin Trial nearby but to do so, you need a Mallowsweet.

Where To Find The Mallowsweet Trunk

Luckily Nora already has some Mallowsweet stashed in her trunk. You can find the trunk by Nora’s tent pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin Mallowsweet Trunk Location

After retrieving the Mallowsweet Leaves from Nora’s trunk, place it on the circle stone on the ground.

This step is mandatory for solving the puzzle. Now you’ll see that the vines nearby have been removed. But the riddle is not solved yet.

Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin Puzzle Solution

How To Solve The Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin Puzzle

Now, take a closer look at the pillars around you. There are three of them, and you’ll notice a brazier on top of each pillar.

The problem is that the braziers are extinguished. So how about setting them on fire?

First, make sure you have the Incendio spell equipped. The Incendio Spell is the one you unlocked during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

If you need to equip it, press Right on your DPad and replace one of your current spells with Incendio.

Now, get close to one of the pillars and cast Incendio on it.

Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin Stone Pillars Puzzle Solution

Great job! Now set on fire, the remaining two braziers and the Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin Puzzle is complete. Next, talk to Nora, and she’ll tell you that you should find all Merlin Trials and solve the associated puzzles.

Hogwarts Legacy features 95 Merlin Trials, and by completing them, you will be able to increase your inventory size. They appear on your map as you explore each area, but if you need help completing the puzzles or finding them, you can check our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub here.

Last but not least, after finishing Hogwarts Legacy Trials Of Merlin, you should know that the next main quest is house specific.

Or, simply put, if you play as a Ravenclaw, you’ll have to complete Ollivander’s Heirloom. Slytherin students must finish Scrope’s Last Hope, while Hufflepuffs the quest named Prisoner of Love. As a Gryffindor House member, the next quest is named The Hunt for the Missing Pages.

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