Hogwarts Legacy The Hippogriff Marks The Spot Henrietta’s Treasure Chest Location

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February 11, 2023

The Hippogriff Marks The Spot is one of the Hogwarts Legacy treasure hunt side quests in which you’ll have to find a treasure chest using the clues in Henrietta’s Map. But they are not the typical pirate treasure maps, where X marks the spot, and you’ll have to dig for the treasure.

To get to the treasure, you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles while fighting Dark Wizards. So, to make your life easier, we will explain how to use Henrietta’s Map to find the treasure in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Hippogriff Marks The Spot becomes available to start after you progress the story until you have finished Tomes And Tribulations Main Quest and reached at least Level 13. Even though the side quest requires Level 13 to start, you’ll encounter many Dark Wizards between Level 20 and Level 35.

So, I recommend reaching at least Level 20 and switching the difficulty to Story if you are keen to complete the side quest early and to have a chance of surviving against the powerful Dark Wizards you’ll encounter. To start The Hippogriff Marks The Spot side quest, go to the Poidsear Coast using the flying broom and reach the Poidsear Castle.

Clear the Poidsear Castle of the Dark Wizard enemies and pick up the rolled parchment from the table inside a tent west of the castle to start the side quest.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hippogriff Marks The Spot Quest Starting Location

Where To Find Henrietta’s Map Treasure (Puzzle Solution)

Henrietta’s Map shows you a secret entrance under a large building in the southernmost part of the Manor Cape Region. It also shows that you must have unlocked the Incendio spell you learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 and the Glacius spell you learned during Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 to solve a Hippogriff puzzle.

The Hippogriff Marks The Spot Henrietta's Map

Make sure you have learned both spells if you want to complete The Hippogriff Marks The Spot riddle. In the image below, you’ll find the exact location of the secret entrance marked on Henrietta’s Map.

Henrietta's Hideaway Treasure Location

Defeat the Dark Wizards in the area, then go down the stairs beneath Merlin’s Trial to find Henrietta’s Hideaway. After you enter Henrietta’s Hideaway, you’ll have to solve a short puzzle involving cubes to progress further. On the left side of the room, there is a statue with a brazier in front of it. Cast the spell Incendio to ignite the brazier and reveal a second cube.

Ignite the brazier in front of the statue with Incendio.

Cast the spell Accio you’ve learned during Charms Class Main Quest on the cube and pull it onto the pedestal next to the other cube. Now, cast Incendio on the left cube and Glacius on the right cube to reveal a secret door behind them.

The Hippogriff Marks The Spot Puzzle Solution

If it’s not working, make sure you have each cube on its corresponding pedestal with the same symbol. Go through the door and defeat all the Ashwinders in the next room. In the middle of the room is a Hippogriff statue surrounded by braziers, similar to the one we’ve seen on Henrietta’s Map.

The answer to the riddle is to ignite the braziers and extinguish the others in the exact same order as on the Map. To make things easier, ignite all the braziers with Incendio first, then use the Glacius spell to extinguish the ones we don’t need. Check the image below for the exact order.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hippogriff Marks The Spot Riddle Solution

After you solve the riddle, a wall behind the statue will open, revealing Harrieta’s chest. Open the treasure chest to receive Treasure-Seeker’s Glove gear appearance, 400 Galleons, and 180 XP.

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