Hogwarts Legacy Ashwinder Hideout: Where To Find The Collection Chest

March 27, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Ashwinder Hideout Collection Chest is a collectible you can find while exploring the Ashwinder Hideout dungeon in the village of Hogsmeade.

The Ashwinder Hideout collectible is part of the 5 Hogsmeade Collection Chests, and you’ll require all of them to achieve 100% completion in the beautiful village.

It’s important to know that you can access the Ashwinder Hideout dungeon while or after completing the A Basis For Blackmail quest.

In the following location guide, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you find the Ashwinder Hideout Collection Chest; as such, make sure to check it out to avoid wasting time while looking for the collectible.

Where To Find The Ashwinder Hideout In Hogwarts Legacy

The Ashwinder Hideout dungeon is found in the cellar of Hog’s Head, a pub and inn located on the western part of Hogsmeade. You have the exact location marked on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Ashwinder Hideout Location Map

The entrance into the dungeon is on the south side outside the pub.

Hogwarts Legacy Ashwinder Hideout Collection Chest Location

Now let’s see precisely how to get to the Hogwarts Legacy Ashwinder Hideout Collection Chest.

Where To Find The Ashwinder Hideout Collection Chest

Once inside the dungeon, you need to use Accio on the two barrels with handles to continue further in.

Hold the button assigned to Accio a little longer to pull the barrels all the way and open a secret door.

Then proceed through the dungeon until you go down some stairs and reach a larger room with a bunch of enemies.

As always, you have two options to deal with the mobs, be sneaky and use the Disillusionment spell, or fight your way through.

Whatever method you choose, head to the bar counter on the western part of the larger room.

Facing the counter, go through the opening on the left side, and you’ll shortly reach a light on the ground.

Head left just before the light to find the Collection Chest on a crate between many barrels.

If you have problems seeing through the dark area, you can always cast Lumos.

Where To Find Hogwarts Legacy Ashwinder Hideout Collection Chest

Nicely done, friend! You’ve managed to obtain the Hogwarts Legacy Ashwinder Hideout Collection Chest collectible and can now finish your business in the dungeon. Also, don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub here for more guides and walkthroughs.

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