Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Henrietta’s Hideaway Puzzle Solutions

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February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo is a rescue mission in which you will help Agnes Coffey return her lovely Niffler pet, who ran away. Before we cover the Rescuing Rococo Side Quest, we recommend starting The Hippogriff Marks The Spot, a treasure hunt side quest with the treasure chest inside Henrietta’s Hideaway.

Also, inside Henrieta’s Hideaway, you’ll be able to find another Treasure Map as part of the Solved By The Bell Side Quest covered here. Rescuing Rococo Side Quest can be started after you progress the story until you finish The High Keep Main Quest.

Then, speak with Agnes Coffey, the vendor in Bainburgh, a hamlet in the Manor Cape Region. We’ve also marked her location on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Rescuing Rococo Side Quest Starting Location

She will tell you that Rococo, her Niffler, ran away near Henrrieta’s Hideaway, a dangerous place filled with traps to keep thieves from stealing her valuables. To give her a bit of comfort, you decide to try and find her Niffler pet.

How To Enter Henrietta’s Hideaway

To enter Henrietta’s Hideaway, hop on your flying broom and follow the quest marker leading to the castle.

Rescuing Rococo Henrietta's Hideway Location

When you reach the marked location, you’ll be greeted by Ashwinders and an infamous foe named Dunstan Trinity. After you defeat all the enemies, follow the stairs below Merlin’s Trial to enter Henrietta’s Hideaway.

Where To Find Rococo in Henrietta’s Hideaway

In the first room of Henrietta’s Hideaway, you’ll have to solve this puzzle involving cubes with symbols to reveal the hidden door. Check out The Hippogriff Marks The Spot Side Quest to learn how to solve the puzzle and unlock the treasure chest.

Defeat the enemies in the next room, head up the stairs on the room’s far left side, and follow the path until you reach a trap floor that will suck you into the nearby wall. To stop the trap floor and progress further, cast the spell Arresto Momentum learned during Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2 on the nearby wall.

Rescuing Rococo Trap Floor

In the following room, defeat the last remaining Ashwinders in Henrietta’s Hideaway. Then, go underneath the balcony on the right to find the entrance to a secret room, where you will also find the Musical Map as part of the Solved By The Bell Side Quest.

To find Rococo, you’ll have to solve one more puzzle with cubes, similar to the one at Henrietta’s Hideaway entrance. The first cube with the Incendio symbol can be found inside the secret room between wooden barrels near the stairs.

Cast Accio learned during Charms Class Main Quest to pull the cube on the pedestal with the same symbol.

Rescuing Rococo Cube Puzzle Location

To get the second cube with the Levioso symbol, go to the balcony above the secret room and cast Accio to pull it off the other balcony. Then, grab the cube and place it on the other pedestal with the same symbol.

Rescuing Rococo Cube Puzzle Solution

The last step to complete the puzzle is to cast Levioso on the left cube and Incendio on the right cube, revealing the room’s hidden door. Go through the door to find Rococo scared and running around the room. To rescue him, cast the Nab-Sack Utility Spell learned during The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom quest.

Capture Rococo with Nab-Sack Utility Spell.

Since you can’t use your map inside dungeons, leave Henrietta’s Hideout the way you came and fast-travel back to Bainburgh. Return to Agnes Coffey and give her the good news to complete the Rescuing Rococo Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy and to receive the Niffler Fur-Lined Hat gear appearance and 180 XP Points.

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