Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire: Where To Find All Balloons

April 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Balloons are split into 2 sets of 5 pieces each, and you need to pop all of them if you aim for 100% completion in the southeastern area of the open world.

Also, you complete Challenges while popping Balloons, and in the process, you obtain Broom skins. Open the Exploration tab of the Challenges menu to claim the skins rewards.

However, the Balloons are floating high above the ground, meaning you need a flying Broom to reach them, and you can buy one upon completing the Flying Class main quest.

Therefore, if you are interested in finding the Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Balloons collectibles fast, don’t hesitate to check the locations guide below.

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Balloons Locations Map

On the following Hogwarts Legacy map, we’ve pinpointed the locations of the 2 Cragcroftshire Balloons sets.

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Balloons Locations Map

Furthermore, we’ll go over both Balloons sets, providing additional instructions and screenshots, starting with the eastern one.

Balloon Set #1: Floating Above The Settlement Cragcroft

The first Balloon set is floating above the southernmost wizarding settlement of the open world, named Cragcroft. Check our Cragcroftshire map for the exact location.

The good news is that you have a Floo Flame right in the settlement, so fast travel to it if you’ve already unlocked it, of course.

Once in Cragcroft, get on your Broom and gain some altitude to see the Balloons.

Then go through each one, and when you pop the fifth, you’ll get credit for the set.

Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Balloons Locations

Balloon Set #2: Floating Above Water

For the second Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Balloon set, you’ll have to go to the southern border of the region, the one with the Clagmar Coast area.

After getting to the second location we’ve marked on the map above, you should see the Balloons floating above the water, as shown in the next image.

Where To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Balloons

Pop the 5 Balloons here as well, and you’re done! You’ve located and dealt with all Hogwarts Legacy Cragcroftshire Balloons. But don’t forget to check our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub for more helpful guides.

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