Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Study Slytherin Door Puzzle Solution

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February 12, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Study is the second relationship quest as part of Sebastian Sallow’s quest line, in which you’ll learn the Unforgivable Curse called Crucio. During In The Shadow Of The Study Quest, you, Sebastian, and Ominis will try to find a way inside Slytherin’s Scriptorium to learn more about the Dark Magic.

Also, while exploring what’s behind the Serpent Door, you’ll have to solve a few puzzles left behind by the Slytherin Salazar to keep away unwanted wizards and witches. To start In The Shadow Of The Study Quest, you’ll have to complete In The Shadow Of The Bloodline Relationship Quest, then progress the story until you’ve completed The High Keep Main Quest.

Along with this, make sure you are at least Level 16 in Hogwarts Legacy. Once you meet all the requirements mentioned above, meet Sebastian Sallow outside the Slytherin common room to talk about Slytherin’s Scriptorium.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of The Study Quest Starting Location

After you finish the brief conversation with Sebastian, he will lead you to meet Ominis and convince him to find a way inside Slytherin’s Scriptorium. Speak with Ominis to learn more about his aunt, Noctua Gaunts, and convince him to join the quest.

How To Open the Slytherin’s Door

You must ignite the three nearby braziers to open the Slytherin door. It is worth mentioning that if you don’t ignite all of them quickly enough, they will extinguish one by one. The first brazier can be found in the hallway to the east, near Ominis.

Cast the spell Confringo you learned during In The Shadow Of The Undercroft Main Quest with Sebastian to light the brazier. You can use the spell Incendio, as well.

In The Shadow Of The Study Slytherin Door Puzzle Brazier

Then, look for the other two braziers down the north hallway, the same one you came from. You can always use Revelio by pressing DPad Left to highlight their locations.

Slytherin Door Puzzle Braziers Locations

After you ignite all three braziers quickly enough, a secret door behind you will open. Go through the doorway and down the stairs to reach another door with snakes. To progress In The Shadow Of The Study Quest, equip and cast the spell Reparo learned during Professor Ronen’s Assignment on the rubble in front of the door.

Cast Reparo on the rubble.

Then, speak with Ominis about the hissing. You’ll learn that he can speak Parseltongue, which means he can hear and speak with snakes. Then, he will say something in Parseltongue and open the door for you.

How To Find a Way Through

After you go through the door, you’ll find yourself in a dark dungeon that requires solving a few puzzles involving the Slytherin Locks. But before we start, it is helpful to cast Lumos and ignite the torches around with Incendio or Confrigo to navigate the dungeon better.

Immediately after entering the dungeon, you’ll see a Slytherin gate with two symbols on the right (west) side and a Slytherin Lock near the torch. To open the gate, you must match the two symbols on the Slytherin gate to be the same on the Slytherin Lock.

Slytherin Lock Puzzle Location

Press (▢) – on PS / (X) – on Xbox to interact with the Slytherin Lock, then use (L3)/(LS) to rotate the top dial and (R3)/(RS) to match the bottom dial. The top dial symbol on the Slytherin Lock has to be the same as the top symbol on the gate, and the same rule applies to the bottom symbol. After you open the first Slytherin gate, go to the left, crouch through a half-opened gate, and ignite the nearby torch.

Interact with the Slytherin Lock and match the symbols to be the same as the image below.

Slytherin Lock Puzzle Solution

Now, return to the first gate, go up the stairs, and jump below to find another Slytherin Lock. Ignite the nearby torch and match the symbols to be the same as in the image below to open the last Slytherin gate.

Second Slytherin Lock Puzzle Solution

Return to your friends and head into the next room. Here, you will learn what happened to Ominis’ aunt, Noctua Gaunt, and more about the Cruciatus Curse. After you speak with Ominis about Crucio, you’ll have to speak with Sebastian again and learn that he already knows the Crucio spell.

Then, you’ll have to choose between three dialogue lines as follows:

  • Very well. I don’t want to learn Cruciatus Curse.
  • I want to learn the Cruciatus Curse. But you must cast it on me.
  • Teach me the Cruciatus Curse, and I’ll cast it on you.
In The Shadow Of The Study Cruciatus Curse Crucio Dialogue Option

Pick the second or the third line if you want to learn the Cruciatus Curse. It never hurts to expand your spell options. After you choose to learn the Cruciatus Curse and you or Sebastian cast it, the door to Slytherin’s Scriptorium will open.

How To Search Slytherin’s Scriptorium

Pick up Slytherin’s Spellbook off the table in the middle of the room, then give it to Sebastian on the upper floor. Also, if you cast Revelio in the middle of the room, there is a Field Guide Page.

Slytherin's Scriptorium and Spellbook

Once you finish the conversation with Sebastian, leave the Scriptorium by interacting with the statue on the upper floor. Then, listen to what Ominis says to complete In The Shadow Of The Study Quest in Hogwarts Legacy and receive 180 XP. The next quest in Sebastian Sallow’s questline is In the Shadow of Discovery, where he will share his discoveries from what he has read in the Slytherin’s Spellbook.

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