Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web Egg Sac Locations Guide

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February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web is a side quest that unlocks after you complete the main story quest named Charles Roockwood’s Trial. Crispin Dunne used to do his trading businesses in Aranshire, but aggressive spiders now occupy the little hamlet, so he asks you to check if his friend Mary Portman is trapped in her cottage.

For completing the Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web side mission, you will be rewarded with a Sinister Oddities Shelf and 180 XP; therefore, follow our guide below to finish this side quest quickly. To start this Hogwarts Legacy side mission, you must go to the Three Broomsticks Inn in the center of the Hogsmeade village, as pointed out on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web Quest Location Map

Once you enter the Three Broomsticks Inn, you will find the quest giver standing before the fireplace. Interact with Crispin Dunne, a vendor afraid of spiders, worried that his friend Mary Portman is in danger in her cottage in Aranshire. Your task is to kill all the spiders in Aranshire and find the source of the infestation.

Where To Find the Source of Infestation

Now, you must travel to the hamlet located in the eastern part of the South Hogwarts Region, as shown on the following map.

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web Aranshire Location Map

Once you kill all the spiders around the area, look for Mary’s cottage in the northwestern part of Aranshire.

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web Mary Portman Cottage Location

The cottage is locked with a level 1 lock, so to enter, you must use the Alohomora spell you’ve learned after completing The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament main story quest. Now, interact with Mary Portman, who is covered in spider webs, and you will learn from a letter she wrote that the source of the spider infestation is in her cellar. To find the entrance to the cellar, go outside to the backside of the cottage.

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web Cottage Cellar Location

Once inside, follow the cellar’s path and climb down the ladder. After you go down the ladder, you will reach the spider’s nest, and now you have to find and destroy twelve egg sacs.

Egg Sacs #1-3

The first three Tangled Web egg sacs are in plain sight, up on the walls in the main chamber of the cellar. You can cast Revelio to spot the sacs quicker.

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web First Three Egg Sacs

You can destroy them using the Incendio fire spell you’ve learned during Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

Egg Sac #4

The fourth egg sack is positioned in the northeastern part of the cellar.

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web Fourth Egg Sac

Egg Sacs #5-8

From egg sac #4, go a few steps to the west, and you will spot another four spider egg sacs.

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web Five To Eight Egg Sacs

Egg Sacs #9-12

The last four egg sacs you must destroy are positioned in the eastern part of the cellar.

Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web Last Four Egg Sacs

After you destroyed all the egg sacs, the last task of this Hogwarts Legacy side quest is to kill a level 22 spider boss. Go back into the main room of the cellar and kill The Insatiable Spider using fire spells. To complete the Hogwarts Legacy Tangled Web side mission, you must return and speak to Crispin Dunne at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade village.

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