Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter: Where To Find The Acromantula

by Vlad
February 11, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter is one of the side quests you can find while exploring the Aranshire hamlet in the South Hogwarts Region of the video game developed by Avalanche Software.

The vendor Edgar Adley asks you to retrieve a pocket watch that belonged to his friend Milo who died trying to procure venom from a living Acromantula in a cave in the Forbidden Forest.

Be aware that the Absconder is a level 32 Acromantula, so start the side quest with plenty of Chinese Chomping Cabbages and Wiggenweld Potions.

For completing this side quest, you will be rewarded with 180 XP and a Wand Handler; therefore, if you’re having problems finishing the Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter, follow our guide below.

Where To Find Edgar Adley In The Absconder Encounter Side Quest

To start this Hogwarts Legacy side mission, you first have to travel to the Aranshire hamlet in the eastern part of the South Hogwarts Region, as pointed out on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter Quest Location Map

Then go to the southwestern part of Aranshire hamlet and look for Edgar Adley, a vendor drinking coffee in his stand.

Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter Edgar Adley Location

Now interact with the NPC to discover that your task is to retrieve Milo’s heirloom pocket watch from a cave full of dangerous spiders in the Forbidden Forest.

How To Defeat The Absconder Acromantula

To find the Acromantula’s cave, you must go to the northern part of the Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest, to the location pointed out on the following map.

Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter Acromantula Location Map

You will find the massive spider boss you must kill deep in the cave in a circular zone with a big tree in the middle.

More precisely, the Acromantula looks like in the next picture.

Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter Acromantula

To defeat the Hogwarts Legacy boss, make sure you use a lot the Incendio fire spell you’ve learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

You must take advantage of the tree in the middle of the area to hide from the spider’s attacks when needed.

Also, using the Chinese Chomping Cabbages can help you kill the Absconder quicker.

After you kill the massive Acromantula, look in the western part of the cave for a spider web, as shown in the following picture.

Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter Heirloom Location

Use Incendio spell to burn the web, and behind it, you will find Milo’s pocket watch in front of a chest.

To finish the Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter side quest, return to Edgar Adley in Aranshire and give him his friend’s heirloom.

If you need additional help solving other quests or puzzles, consider visiting our Wiki Hub here for more useful guides.

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