Hogwarts Legacy The Path To Hogwarts Statues Puzzle Solution

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February 7, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Path To Hogwarts is the first main quest featured in the video game developed by Avalanche Software for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One, and PC.

It acts as a tutorial, teaching you the game’s basics, and introduces some key characters you’ll encounter throughout your upcoming adventure as a student attending the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Even though it’s pretty linear, Hogwarts Legacy Path To Hogwarts quest has small puzzles you’ll need to solve on your way to Hogwarts. Furthermore, while playing the first quest, you’ll get the chance to find several chests that provide a good amount of coins, which you’ll get to spend later.

As such, to help you navigate the rainy mountains of Scotland, in the following Path To Hogwarts walkthrough, we’ll guide you through all the objectives you need to complete, making sure you don’t miss anything.

The Path To Hogwarts starts after you create your character and meet Professor Fig on the streets of London. While talking to Fig, who was sent to bring you to Hogwarts, you’ll meet another character named George Osric.

George is an old friend of Fig, and the professor requested his presence for a reason he’ll reveal the moment you depart. As you travel to Hogwarts, you’ll be introduced to George Osric by Professor Fig and learn that you are about to join the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a fifth-year student, which is a bit unusual, as George notices. You’ll also learn that Professor Fig was sent to help you catch up with the other students before the term begins.

Immediately after you are introduced to George, the representative of the Ministry will pull out a newspaper with an article regarding Ranrok and the goblin rebellion. While talking to Fig about Ranrok, you’ll learn that Fig’s departed wife alerted George about the goblin leader and the threat he represents.

Miriam Fig also sent George a strange device he couldn’t open because it was protected by powerful magic. Luckily, you can see the ancient magic that others can’t. So, with your help, Professor Fig and George Osric can finally discover that inside the capsule is a key—specifically, a key to a Vault inside Gringotts Bank.

But as you’ll soon find out, the Gringotts Bank Key is more than just a key. It is a Portkey that will help you escape the upcoming dragon attack. During the attack, you and Professor Fig will use the Portkey to escape imminent death, thus ending up in a cave with more than just a few bruises.

After drinking Professor Fig’s Wiggenweld Potion by pressing Down on your DPad, you’ll finally gain control over your character, and it’s time to explore. Start by moving the Right Thumbstick to look around and your Left Thumbstick to move.

The first objective in The Path To Hogwarts quest is to follow Professor Fig. Since the cave where you end up is quite empty, head outside and stay close to your teacher. As said, the path ahead is linear, so head right and follow the trail on the mountain, paying attention to what Fig says. Eventually, you’ll reach a blocked path, and it’s time to learn your first Spell.

How To Destroy the Magical Barrier

Basic Cast is the first Hogwarts Legacy Spell you’ll get to learn. It is also the easiest one because it’s actually your basic Spell. Or the default attack button.

To destroy the magical barrier in The Path To Hogwarts, while standing in front of the black wall alongside Fig, tap R2/RT. There is no need to hold down the button. Simply tap it three times to destroy the wall pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy The Path To Hogwarts Walkthrough

Keep following the path behind the Magical Barrier, staying close to Fig. Eventually, you’ll have to climb a wall, and Fig will take the path to the right. Instead of going after him, head left, and you’ll reach a balcony. On the left side is a chest you’ll want to open because it contains 62 Gold Coins.

Hogwarts Legacy The Path To Hogwarts Guide

Great job! Now retrace your steps and follow Fig, who will use his Reparo Spell to get you closer to the distant ruins. Upon reaching the entrance to the ruins, make sure you head right, and in the grass, you’ll find another Chest containing 66 Coins.

Hogwarts Legacy Path To Hogwarts Walkthrough

Loot the chest pictured above, then return to Fig because it’s time to investigate the Ruins.

How To Explore the Ruins

The moment you step inside the ruins, you’ll first want to check the wall on the other side. It features a Mural that Fig will investigate. Now, while facing the Mural, turn left and check the stone statue. Next, head right through the archway on the statue’s right side, then follow the path behind the ruins. Your objective is to reach the crystallized stone with the unusual symbol pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy Path To Hogwarts Guide

Approach the wall; then, you’ll see that it’s a portal. After Fig arrives, investigate it, and you’ll be teleported to Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Inside the Gringotts Wizarding Bank, the events are linear, with no items to be found.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to wake up the goblin sleeping behind the front desk. Approach the Goblin Banker and notice that he knows you. He also knows that you want to visit vault number twelve. After you give him the key you received at the beginning of the game, get ready for a long ride to the bottom of the Gringotts Bank.

During this ride, you’ll learn about the amazing Goblin Bank. Once you arrive at vault number twelve, you’ll want to loot the Treasure Chest on the right side of the entrance because it contains more Coins.

Hogwarts Legacy The Path To Hogwarts Quest Walkthrough

Now head inside the Vault, and you’ll end up locked with Professor Fig. Time to learn another Spell! This time, however, things are a bit different. To learn the Revelio Spell in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to solve a small puzzle, which is very accessible.

What you want to do is move the Left Thumbstick and steer the blue dot following the pattern on the right side. Whenever you hit one of the nodes on the pattern, press the corresponding buttons (X in the screenshot below) to accelerate your wand’s motion.

Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Spell Puzzle

The idea here is to avoid being caught by the red Spell also pictured above. After learning Revelio, approach the wall opposed to the door and press Left on your DPad. This will unlock the path forward through a door only you can see. Once you investigate it, you’ll wake up in a dark room.

Thanks to Professor Fig; however, it’s pretty hard to get lost here because he’ll use the Lumos Spell, so make sure you stay close to him. As you progress, you’ll reach a Magic Pool you should investigate to start another puzzle.

Determine How To Proceed Puzzle Solution

The next puzzle involves the reflection of a statue you’ll discover by interacting with the first Magic Pool.

After discovering the reflection, cast Revelio by pressing Left on your DPad. Now, you should also see the actual statue above the ground. As you move around it, you’ll see that the reflection also moves. However, the reflection is not following you, but Professor Fig. Specifically his wand, because he used the Lumos Spell.

Therefore, you’ll need to learn it, and the next puzzle is similar to the one you solved for the Revelio Spell. After learning Lumos, press R2/RT to cast it while sanding near the Statue. You’ll see that when the soldier’s sword and its reflection are aligned, the soldier will stand up.

Hogwarts Legacy The Path To Hogwarts Determine How to Proceed Puzzle Solution

Unfortunately, by solving the Hogwarts Legacy Statue Puzzle in Path To Hogwarts, you’ll also wake up some of the Vault’s guardians, so get ready for your first fight. Remember to attack the Guardians by tapping R2/RT and cast Protego to block their attacks by pressing Triangle/Y. Last but not least, if you hold down the Triangle/Y button, you can stun the Guardians, thus dealing increased damage before they recover.

How To Find Professor Fig

After dealing with all Guardians and casting Protego 3 times, you’ll return to the darkroom, but this time you are alone. Your next objective is to find Professor Fig, so start by casting Lumos (R2/RT), then look around for some sparkling lights. These wisps of magic show you the way, so follow them.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Find Professor Fig

As you follow the wisps of magic, pay attention to the right side of the path they uncover because you’ll find another Chest containing 46 Coins. Once you loot it, follow the wisps, and they’ll lead you to another Magic Pool.

How To Activate the Statues

Interact with it, then cast Revelio (Left on your DPad), and you’ll notice that you have to solve another puzzle, but this one involves not one but three statues. The idea behind this puzzle follows the same logic as the previous one, meaning that after you reveal the statues on the ground, you’ll need to align the swords with those of their reflections.

So, to activate the statues in Hogwarts Legacy Path To Hogwarts, you’ll have to place yourself in a specific spot between them. As you can see, this spot is where the three lines on the ground unite.

Hogwarts Legacy The Path To Hogwarts How To Activate The Statues

Once you wake up all three Guardians, prepare for another combat sequence involving multiple enemies. Defeat all of them, then when you return to the dark room, keep following the wisps of magic while your Lumos Spell is active. They will lead you to a new Magic Pool. Investigate it, then head through the portal in front of you to enter a large round room.

In the middle of the room, you’ll notice a small basin, which is, in fact, a Pensieve; however, before interacting with it, make sure you check both sides of the chamber because there are two Chests to be found here. Loot both of them, then interact with the Pensieve in the middle of the chamber.

The cutscene that occurs after interacting with the Pensieve introduces two new characters: Professor Charles Rookwood and Professor Percival Rackham. Charles Rookwood was the Professor of Transfiguration at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the Tudor era and a member of the Slytherin House.

Percival Rackham was a member of the Hufflepuff House during the same period of time. He excelled in Divination class. What makes this character very important in the game’s story is that he joined Hogwarts as a fifth-year student like you. Furthermore, Percival Rackham, as you are about to see, was able to see traces of ancient magic similar to those you can see.

So, Percival Rackham left the Portkey for you to find. But it seems that Fig is not the only one interested in what you saw in the Pensieve. So is Ranrok, who will join you inside the Vault, asking what you saw in the Pensieve.

Luckily for you, Percival Rackham protected his Vault, and while Ranrok is busy dealing with the Guardian, you and Fig manage to escape and finally reach Hogwarts. The Path To Hogwarts continues with the Sorting Ceremony led by Professor Phineas Nigellus Black, the current Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Phineas Nigellus Black is a Slytherin House member and Sirius Black’s great-great-grandfather. Even though you are late for the Ceremony, you’ll get to use the Sorting Hat and be asked several questions.

It is worth knowing that no matter what you answer, you’ll get the chance to pick the house you want to join before the current quest ends. There are no notable changes in the story, but our Hogwarts Legacy Strategy Guide follows the Gryffindor House. After you pick your house, Professor Weasley will accompany you to your House’s Common Room. Now, The Path To Hogwarts quest ends, and you’ll start the next one in line, Welcome to Hogwarts.

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