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February 12, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Tale Of Rowland Oakes is a rescue mission in which you will help a classmate, Adelaide Oakes, save her uncle from the hands of the goblins. During The Tale Of Rowland Oakes Side Quest, you’ll have to use Rowland’s Map to follow his trail, which can be puzzling.

Also, after you find him, you’ll still need to recover his wand, which is not marked anywhere on the map. To begin The Tale Of Rowland Oakes Side Quest, you’ll have to progress the story until you finish The Helm of Uktkot Main Quest.

Then, find Adelaide Oakes in the Transfiguration Courtyard of The Astronomy Wing in Hogwarts Castle and speak with her. You will learn that she worries for her uncle, Rowland Oakes, and asks you to look for him and points you to his camp north of the castle.

Hogwarts Legacy The Tale Of Rowland Oakes Side Quest Starting Location

Where To Find Roland Oakes’s Campsite

Roland Oakes’s Campsite can be found in the North Hogwarts Region, past the river. We’ve also marked its location on the map below. To quickly get there, hop on your flying broom and follow the quest marker to Roland’s Campsite.

Rowland Oakes Campsite Location

Where To Find a Clue

After you reach the campsite, you’ll notice several goblins occupying it. Defeat all the goblins inside the campsite to progress the Tale Of Rowland Oakes Side Quest. Once you take them out, look in the back of the camp on the western side for Rowland Oakes’s Journal and Map.

The Tale Of Rowland Oakes Clues

From the journal, you’ll learn that Rowland was doing business with Ranrok’s gang, and he might’ve upset them with his questions.

How To Use Rowland’s Map To Follow His Trail

Rowland Oakes’s Map hints at where you need to go to find him. The red dot marks the current campsite you are in, and the red X marks the location where he might be.

The Tale Of Rowland Oakes Map

So, Rowland’s Map hints at an outpost called Korrow Ruins on the western part of the World Map. We’ve also marked its location on the map below. If you already have the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame unlocked, you can use the fast-travel option to get there. Otherwise, set a waypoint to Korrow Ruins and use the flying broom to get there quickly.

Korrow Ruins Goblin Outpost

How To Enter the Goblin Outpost

When you reach the Korrow Ruins, you’ll notice the place is loaded with goblins. Now, you can take out all the enemies or rush up to the goblin outpost entrance using your flying broom and following the quest marker. To enter the goblin outpost, reach the first floor on the northwest side of the Korrow Ruins and go through the broken gate.

Goblin Outpost Entrance

Where to Find Rowland Oakes

After you enter the goblin outpost, go down the stairs and defeat the enemies in the first room. Then, follow the path south, leading to a larger second room with balconies and more enemies. Keep in mind this room because we will need to return here later.

Defeat the enemies inside the outpost.

Now, follow the white quest marker west down the stairs and through a short tunnel leading to Rowland’s cell door. Talk to him through his cell door. He will tell you he needs his wand to open the enchanted lock from his cell door.

Talk to Rowland through the cell door.

Where To Find Rowland’s Wand

You must return to the large room with balconies to find Rowland’s wand. The quest marker will lead you to a locked round metal door. To open the metal door, you’ll have to light up a furnace, which will power up the door. The furnace is located in the northern part of the room, in the upper section. Cast the spell Incendio you learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 to light up the furnace.

Explore the goblin outpost and find Rowland's Wand.

Open the round metal door and defeat all the enemies in the room. Among these enemies, you’ll find Pergit, the North Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe. After you take them out, go through the doorway on the right (west) to find Rowland Oakes’s wand on a table.

Rowland Oakes's Wand Location

Return to Rowland at his prison cell and give him back his wand to complete Tale Of Rowland Oakes Side Quest and receive Handcrafted Necklace gear appearance and 180 XP.

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