Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog: How To Solve All Merlin Trials

February 16, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials are puzzles you can solve while exploring the beautiful but dangerous open world of the video game developed by Avalanche Software.

Solving all the Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy will unlock Merlin’s Beard! Trophy/Achievement and complete challenges that will increase your inventory size. The inventory upgrade can be claimed from the Exploration tab of the Challenges menu.

Of course, if you’re up to it, there are more collectibles you can obtain in the North Ford Bog region:

In case you are wondering why you can’t complete the Trials early in the game, it’s because they get unlocked after completing the Trials Of Merlin main quest.

It’s also worth mentioning that to start a Trial, you need Mallowsweet Leaves, which can be grown at your potting table in the Room of Requirement. You can buy the Mallowsweet Seed Recipe from The Magic Neep shop in Hogsmeade.

If you need a lot of Mallowsweet Leaves fast, note that you can have multiple potting tables in the Room of Requirement.

With all that in mind, let’s solve the Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials puzzles, and if you get stuck, check our guide below.

Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials Locations Map

On the following map, you have the locations of the 4 North Ford Bog Merlin Trials.

Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials Locations Map

Also, we will discuss each Trial puzzle in the order listed on the map.

Merlin Trial #1: On A Hill East Of The Pitt-Upon-Ford Hamlet

The first Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trial challenge can be found on a hill east of the Pitt-Upon-Ford hamlet (pretty close).

Once you reach the said location, interact with the stone platform by getting on it and pressing the Square/X button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

Doing so will start the Trial, provided you have Mallowsweet Leaves.

All you have to do to complete this Trial puzzle is to go to the stairs to the east and jump from stone to stone until you reach the top.

Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials Locations

Merlin Trial #2: Near The North Ford Bog Floo Flame

The second Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trial puzzle is near the North Ford Bog Floo Flame, in the north of the region.

Head to the second location marked on our map (east of the Floo Flame) and start the Trial.

Position yourself on the Trial’s platform and face the cliffs above the water to the east.

Now to solve this puzzle, you need to use the Confrigo spell learned during the In the Shadow of the Undercroft main quest.

Cast Confrigo to destroy the targetable stones on the cliffs. Then burn the leaves on the cliffs walls also with Confrigo to reveal more stones you have to destroy.

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials Puzzles

When you get all of them, the puzzle is completed.

Merlin Trial #3: In A Graveyard

For the next Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trial, you must enter a graveyard east of the previous puzzle at the third location on the map above.

First, defeat the mobs, then start the Trial.

To solve this puzzle, you must use the Flipendo spell, which you’ve learned after completing Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2.

Now, position yourself on the stone platform where you’ve started the Trial. From here, you can see 3 stones on which you can use Flipendo, one to the west, another to the southeast, and the last to the east.

You don’t need to stay on the stone platform; move around freely.

The trick is to match the drawings on the stones with the ones on the pillars under them.

Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials Puzzles Solutions

Practice a little with one of the stones to understand how Flipendo works in this puzzle. Note that the stone gets flipped differently depending on your position in relation to it.

We’re sure you’ll get it done in no time.

Merlin Trial #4: West Of The East North Ford Bog Floo Flame

The last North Ford Bog Merlin Trial will take you west of the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame at the fourth location pinpointed on our map.

After you start the Trial, head to the southwest, and you will come across three stone pillars around a grassy area.

Burn the grassy area using the Incendio spell learned after finishing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1. The Confrigo spell will also do the trick.

Then, using Accio, you must get the big boulder (located to the southeast) in the newly revealed hole. You unlock the spell in the Charms Class Main Quest.

Where To Find Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials

If the boulder gets stuck, go behind it and use Depulso to push it into the hole to complete the Trial. This spell is learned after completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1.

Great job! You’ve completed all Hogwarts Legacy North Ford Bog Merlin Trials challenges. Keep exploring the open world for more adventures, and if you run into trouble, check our Wiki Hub here.

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