Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Valour: How To Obtain Proof For Duncan

February 8, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Valour is one of the tricky side quests, which will require the use of a couple of spells to complete.

During Venomous Valour Side Quest, you’ll help a fellow student named Duncan Hobhouse bring something from a dangerous place named Hidden Herbology Corridor.

With that evidence, he will make his colleagues believe he’s not a coward, even though he got scared by a little Puffskein.

So, follow this guide if you want to save Duncan’s reputation and complete Venomous Valour Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Start Venomous Valour In Hogwarts Legacy

To start the Venomous Valour Side Quest, you’ll have to progress the story and complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, where you will learn a new spell named Incedio.

Then, pull out the map, select The Astronomy Wing black flag, move your cursor over the side quest, and press (X)/(A) to track it.

Follow the route indicated on the minimap leading to Duncan Hobhouse in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower area.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Valour Side Quest Location

Speak with him to start the Venomous Valour Side Quest.

How To Enter The Hidden Herbology Corridor In Hogwarts Legacy

After you’re done talking, follow the quest marker and the route on the minimap leading outside Hogwarts Castle into Hogwarts Grounds.

Follow the route through Hogwarts Grounds until you reach the Glumbumble Nests, which contain a Field Guide Page.

Head down the stairs to the east of the Glumbumble Nests, and check the left side for a door covered in vines leading to the Hidden Herbology Corridor.

To clear the vines, use the spell Incedio that you learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Valour  Hidden Herbology Corridor

How To Obtain Proof For Duncan In Venomous Valour Side Quest

After you enter the Hidden Herbology Corridor, you’ll notice that the whole place is infested with Devil’s Snare.

To clear the Devil’s Snare from your path, cast the spell Lumos. Keep in mind that this is a temporary effect. They will grow back once you turn off the light.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Valour Tentacles

Keep going through the Hidden Herbology Corridor until you reach some debris in front of you and a doorway on the left.

Behind the debris, there is a chest containing a piece of gear. We’ve also marked its location in the image below.

Destroy the debris using Incedio, cast Lumos to clear the Devil’s Snare, and safely cross the water to open the chest.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Valour Hidden Herbology Corridor Chest

After you open the chest, follow the quest marker leading to the Giant Venomous Tentacula Leaf and collect it.

Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Valour Giant Venomous Tentacula Leaf

With the Giant Venomous Tentacula Leaf in your inventory, climb the nearby ladder to the Greenhouses and follow the route on the minimap leading back to Duncan.

Speak with him and give him the Giant Venomous Tentacula Leaf to complete the Venomous Valour Side Quest and receive Venomous Tentacula Robe Gear Appearance and 180 XP.

If you want to continue helping out students around Hogwarts Castle, check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub here for more in-depth guides.

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